Name: Paul Smith
Email Address: paul.smith@krumisd.net

Phone number: (940)482-2700 ext5303

Please call during conference time:  9:15-10:15 a.m. or after school - 3:15.  The rest of the time I will be teaching my students.


Dear Parents,


I am excited to be your child's 5th grade Science and Social Studies teacher for the 2015-2016 school year.  My co-teachers are Mrs. Plunkett who teaches Math and Mrs. Murray who teaches Reading, Language Arts, and Spelling.


This week your child will be learning about Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen Cycle and all the associated vocabulary words for this lesson in Science.  In Social Studies, we will be learning about A New Era for a Reborn Nation and all associated vocabulary words in this lesson. 


Grades 2-5:

Minimum Grade Requirements:

A teacher can decide to enter additional grades at his/her discretion per grading period, but there is a minimum requirement per grading cycle as follows:

Daily/Test Grades                                           10

Addressing Failing Grades:


Ø  If a student fails a test or assignment, the student can earn the right to retest or correct an assignment by attending a tutorial session before school with the teacher for content review. 

Ø  Make up tests will be given during the before school tutorial period as not to disrupt the regular class schedule. 

Ø  The maximum grade on a corrected assignment is 70%.

Ø  Parent communication and partnership is paramount to the student’s success. 

Ø  Tutorials will be held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday before school. 

Ø  When a student fails to turn in an assignment the following deductions can be made to the assignment:

o   Missing on the first day-grade drops 30%

o   Missing on the second day-grade drops 50%

o   Missing on the 3rd day-grade becomes a zero

Absences and Make-Up Work:

·        For each day a student is absent they have one day to make up the work assigned.  If a student returns to school on the day a test is scheduled and the student has missed important information, the student should be given the opportunity for remediation during the tutorial period before testing.  (refer to EIAB local policy)


Thank you for sharing your child with us this week.  

Regards and Sincerely,


Paul Smith

5th Grade Science/Social Studies