Mrs. Vardell's Class

Name: Sue Ellen Vardell
Email Address:
Phone number: (940)482-2603 Ex. 5022
 Mrs. Vardell's Class Website!
**three week progress reports will go home soon! 
Please remember to look for your student's green conduct card and "bobcat" folder every Friday.  The conduct card is where any misbehavior will be recorded and is required to be signed by the parent or guardian each week. The "bobcat" will contain graded papers and any communication from the office, PTO, or the teachers.
The parent portal is now available for viewing. It is a great tool for you to view your child's current grade averages at any time.  From this you will be able to determine how they are doing, if they have any late or missing assignments etc...After doing so, please feel free to email or call me if you have any questions. Together we will be the most help to your child! 
Thanks for your support,
Sue Ellen Vardell
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