Good to Know! 1

Here is some information that might help answer some questions!

Classroom Rules:1
We have 3 rules that remain the same throughout the building:
1.  Be respectful: Respect yourself, the staff, your classmates, your property, and the property of others including Krum ISD.
2. Be responsible: Responsibility is doing your best to meet the expectations of your teachers and other staff members.  This includes following directions.
3. Be ready: Being prepared for class each day by having your homework done and the supplies you need for each class.
 Students can receive coupons such as, computer time, homework passes, sit by a friend for the day, etc., as incentives for following rules and exhibiting other positive behaviors.  
Students in the 4th grade have a green conduct card folder that travels throughout the building with them. If a student is not following one of the rules above, they will receive a verbal warning.  After that, if the student continues the misbehavior they will receive a conduct mark.
Each day: 
  • One conduct mark results in the loss of 5 minutes of daily recess
  • Two conduct marks will result in the complete loss of daily recess
  • Three conduct marks the student's parent/guardian will be called in addition to the loss of recess
  • Four conduct marks, or a serious offense (such as fighting), will earn the student a visit with the principal in addition to the disciplines above. 
**Conduct cards come home on Friday for a parent signature.  Please review them each weekend, and sign so that your child may return them to school on Monday.
Homework/Late Work:1
Assignments given in class that are not finished before the end of the day become homework. They are due the following day unless the students are told otherwise, and given a due date. 
If a student does not complete an assignment, they will receive a conduct mark for each assignment not done, but they can still turn the assignment in late. 
When an assignment is turned in late, the grading procedure is as follows:
1 day late: the student cannot receive higher than an 70%
2 days late: grade reduced by 50 pts.
After that the grade will be recorded as a zero
Correction Policy:1
We all know that sometimes we mess up.  Every student will have a bad day, or just not remember what they are supposed to do on an assignment.  Sometimes they may come home on Friday with a graded paper that is below 75%. Students have been told that they may correct daily assignments, with a grade of 75% or below, for a higher grade. Corrected papers must be corrected in accordance with the Correction Policy in the student binder, and be turned in on the Monday after they are returned graded.
**Some assignments such as tests and true/false answer work, are not eligible for correction. 


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