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Donnie Putman

Director of Transportation
926 Bobcat Blvd. 
Phone: (940) 482-2509
Fax: (940) 482-3343
Bobby Carey
Director of Maintenance 
926 Bobcat Blvd.
Phone: (940) 482-2556 
Fax: (940) 482-3343
*As a safety precaution, a new rule will be implemented this year. Students will not be able to ride home with any student not living in their home, even with a note of parental permission. *

*As a courtesy to Krum ISD parents and to ensure the safety of our walking students, the KISD transportation department will now provide bus service for students who normally walk home from school but live across town. The new service will be exclusive to students that would benefit from a ride to a school closer to their home. For example, if a student attends the Early Education Center but lives on Third Street, they will now be able to ride the bus from the EEC to Dyer Elementary in order to make their walk home both easier and safer.*
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