January Highlight: CTE Education in Krum ISD

January Highlight: CTE in Krum ISD

A high school in the state of Texas that serves under 1,000 students is required to provide two programs of study in Career and Technical Education (CTE). Serving around 600 students, Krum ISD and Krum High School go far beyond this requirement, offering six programs of study serving 13 different pathways.

  1. Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
  2. Arts, Audio-Visual Technology, and Communication
  3. Business, Marketing, and Finance
  4. Education and Training
  5. Health Science
  6. Human Services

Each of these pathways features at least one course and provides high school students with the opportunity to obtain crucial career and industry-specific knowledge and skills. Some courses even provide students with the opportunity to graduate with industry certifications.

During the month of January, we wanted to highlight these amazing CTE classes in action. 

Under the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources cluster is the very engaging Food Technology and Safety class. In this class, students learn real-life skills regarding food, food preparation, and cooking. During this past month, the class made homemade tortillas as part of their segment on grains. 


students stand around a table rolling tortillas students use a tortilla press students heat tortillas in a pan on the stove

Also under this program of study is Horticulture Science. This class is designed to develop an understanding of common horticultural management practices as they relate to food and ornamental plant production. Students spent several days planting various species of plants in new pots in preparation to foster their growth throughout the spring semester.


a group of students are surrounded by plants as they work to put them into new pots


The Principles of Arts, A/V, and Communications class has different levels of difficulty based on prerequisite courses. In January, the classes made stop motion animation films and produced the regularly published Bobcat News Network Segment for students and staff. 


two students use their chromebook camera to capture footage of a plastic toy for stop motion animation film





The Money Matters class falls under the Business, Marketing, and FInance Career Cluster. In order to expand their knowledge of the stock market, students created a timeline of historical events that have shaped the current stock market.


a student works on creating his stockmarket timeline on the computer


Principles of Human Services is a favorite of our students and falls under two Career Clusters: Education and Training, and Human Services. During the month of January, students began learning the basics of sewing. They learned basic stitches that are the building blocks of every sewing project. 


student pulls thread tight as she practices sewing

The students in our Pathophysiology class within the Health Sciences Career Cluster have been extra-intrigued this year given the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Pathophysiology is the study of disease, and over the month of January, these students have been conducting research and creating PSA's on the virus to present to their classmates.


a student stands in front of the class to present her covid findings via powerpoint to her classmates

Through the various course offerings at Krum High School, students have the opportunity to explore various career interests, earn industry certifications prior to graduation, and obtain real-life skills that will help them as they enter the workforce and adulthood.