Krum ISD Awards Teacher of the Year

May 14, 2021

Krum Independent School District was honored to present the plaques and awards to our campus Teachers of the Year at the regular May meeting of the Krum ISD School Board. 



Special thank you to First United Bank and Access Bank for supplying a little gift for these award winners. 



Krum Early Education Center Teacher of the Year: Lauren Hamilton


lauren hamilton stands with board president eric borchardt and board vp terry knight as they present her teacher of the year plaque

Lauren Hamilton, Texas Woman’s University Alumni, has spent her entire education career with Krum ISD. Currently teaching 1st Grade at the Krum Early Education Center, she has spent 9 years in the classroom after working as a substitute teacher for the district for many years prior. Mrs. Hamilton feels that each child at the “EEC is a key puzzle piece to the Krum ISD family”, and she strives to provide “a loving and consistent environment for each child to not only blossom as an individual but as part of [the] classroom family.” The EEC loves having Mrs. Hamilton at their campus, too! “Mrs. Hamilton goes above and beyond to teach and to care for every one of her students,” said EEC Principal Lyndi Stupka. “She took on a new grade level this year, and taught in person and remotely, she gives 100% in all she does. She’s an excellent educator and shows kindness to everyone around her. Mrs. Hamilton finds joy in her daily role here at the EEC and we are so fortunate to have her!”


Hattie Dyer Elementary Teacher of the Year: Lauren Mosely


lauren mosely stands with board president eric borchardt and board vp terry knight as they present her teacher of the year plaque


Lauren Mosely, a 10-year veteran educator, has spent the past two years with Hattie Dyer Elementary where she currently teachers 4th Grade English Language Arts. She received her Bachelor's Degree from Texas Tech University and completed her Master’s Degree with Western Governors University. When asked what her favorite thing about teaching in Krum ISD was, she said that “the love and support in Krum Is like no other. Our students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members work tirelessly for the growth and success of our students… Krum focuses on the love of the whole child. I am grateful to be a part of the wonderful things happening in here in Krum!” Although relatively new to Krum ISD, Mrs. Moseley has already had a tremendous impact at her campus. “Lauren Mosely has been an asset to our campus since the day she joined us.,” Dyer Principal Lindsey Boone said when asked why Mrs. Moseley was a great choice for Teacher of the Year.  “She is a leader, is knowledgeable, is a resource, and cares deeply about the success of her students and colleagues.  She is a source of support for everyone!  Lauren is committed to growing professionally and has recently graduated with her Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  Her students know she cares about their hearts and souls, while also maintaining high expectations for all.

She is a gift to Dyer!”


Blanche Dodd Elementary Teacher of the Year: Megan Boone 


megan boone stands with board president eric borchardt and board vp terry knight as they present her teacher of the year plaque


After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree at California State University, Bakersfield, and a Master of Education from Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Megan Boone currently teaches 2nd and 3rd-Grade Special Education at Blanche Dodd Elementary. She has spent 9 of her 10 years as an educator serving the students of Krum ISD. “I enjoy the support I feel as an educator from my administration and colleagues,” Mrs. Boone responded when asked what it is about Krum ISD that she enjoys. “This support allows not only me, but our campus to do amazing things and support our students in the most valuable way possible. I love the fact that I get to see so many students become successful and meet the needs of those who may need extra encouragement. Krum is a wonderful district to work for and I am blessed to be surrounded by incredible educators. “What doesn’t this wonder woman do?” said her colleagues. “Megan consistently helps her team members from any grade rise together. She's ready for the newest tech innovation and is open to implementation throughout the year. Her students come first, everything is about their capabilities and accommodations, ensuring everyone has success within reach. Every kid is her kid and she never hesitates to reach out, consult, read with, or even more importantly, listen to anyone who needs help.  She has worked really hard at teaching, managing, and caring for all of our 2nd and 3rd grade friends!”


Krum Middle School Teacher of the Year: Amy Robinson 


amy robinson stands with board president eric borchardt and board vp terry knight as they present her teacher of the year plaque


A graduate of Wayland Baptist University, Amy Robinson has been an educator for 15 years, the past two of which have been spent serving students at Krum Middle School teaching 7th Grade Math, as well as Physical Education and Girls’ Athletics. According to Mrs. Robinson, the list of things that make teaching in Krum ISD amazing could go on forever. “ The people at Krum ISD and the people in the community of Krum make this a very special place to work,” she said. “The administration at KMS is so supportive of all teachers- they truly want what is best for our students and teachers.  I am blessed to work with the most encouraging, energetic, and caring teachers around. These people bring out the best in our students and fellow teachers.  I get to learn from and coach with some of the best coaches in the state of Texas. And last, but certainly not least, the students of KISD are incredible.  They make showing up to work each day so rewarding.” KMS Principal Robert Butler commended his campus’s selection for Teacher of the Year, saying that “During a rewarding but difficult year,  Coach Robinson met the needs of her students and athletes by maintaining high expectations while mixing in a healthy dose of compassion and flexibility. Coach Robinson is respected by the KMS staff due to her skills as a teacher, work ethic, and positive attitude.”



Krum High School Teacher of the Year: MaryLynn Ford


marylynn ford stands with board president eric borchardt and board vp terry knight as they present her teacher of the year plaque


MaryLynn Ford has spent all three years of her career as an educator with Krum High School after graduating from the University of North Texas. She currently teaches various areas of science, including Biology and Advanced and AP Chemistry. “My favorite thing about being a teacher in Krum is 100% the environment that is created from the students and staff,” she says.  “I always tell everyone that when I was looking for a job after graduation that all of the other schools were okay and the people were friendly but Krum made me feel like I was at home with family before I was even hired. Everyone is ready to help and support others and there is just a genuine excitement to help the students grow and discover new things in different ways. We constantly discuss strategies across content areas and offer ideas and solutions between teachers and students alike. Family helps support you, has your back when you need it, and push you when it is time to grow-that is what I feel like Krum is like and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I am very lucky that I am a Bobcat!”Mrs. Ford goes above and beyond the regular classroom expectations by taking the time to truly connect with her students. One student said that "Mrs. Ford is an amazing teacher. She is on zoom everyday to help students that are remote. She helps students with any questions they have, even if it is for a different class. Every day Mrs. Ford asks how her students are doing and on Fridays she asks what our favorite part of the week was." KHS Principal Michelle Pieniazek said that “Mrs. Ford is an exceptional educator and leader.  Although she has only been teaching for a few years, she has the skills of a master teacher.   During the pandemic, she has brought technology to the center of her classroom in order to provide students with unique learning experiences.  Not only does she serve as a department head; but she also makes time to attend activities and support students.  A life-long learner, Mrs. Ford seeks opportunities for growth in order to be the best she can be for her students.  She is a valuable member of the KHS faculty.” 




Please join us in congratulating and celebrating these outstanding educators on being recognized as their campus Teacher of the Year for a school year that has truly been one of a kind!