Krum ISD Teachers of the Year Honored at Board Meeting

May 16, 2022

Krum Independent School District was honored to present the plaques and awards to our campus Teachers of the Year at the regular May meeting of the Krum ISD School Board. 



Special thank you to Access Bank for supplying a little gift for these award winners. 



Krum Early Education Center Teacher of the Year: Mandy Martinez


krum early education center 2022 teacher of the year mandy martinez


Mandy Martinez, University of Texas at Austin Alumni, has spent the last three years of her 14 year education career with Krum ISD. She is currently teaching Kindergarten at the Krum Early Education Center. Mrs. Martinez says she loves everything about being a teacher in Krum! The kids are just the best and the families are extremely supportive and love to help whenever there is a need.,” she says. “The teachers and staff are dedicated and passionate, and more importantly--HERE FOR THE KIDS. Our administrators are encouraging and trust us fully to do our jobs. This is such a great community and I am excited for my two little boys to be Krum Bobcats! “ EEC Principal Lyndi Stupka said that Mrs. Martinez an amazing educator. “She is always calm and happy, and she always puts student needs first. I love watching her with students,” says Stupka. “She was truly born to be an educator and we are so blessed that she is here at the EEC with us.”



Hattie Dyer Elementary Teacher of the Year: Courtney Murphy


hattie dyer elementary 2022 teacher of the year courtney murphy


Courtney Murphy has spent her entire six year teaching career with Krum ISD where she is teaching Fourth Grade Math. A University of North Texas and Krum High School Alumni, she says that there are many reasons why she loves being a Krum Educator! “First and foremost, I love working with such amazing students. Our students are kind, funny, and hard working leaders who set high goals for themselves. I know we have such amazing students because of their supportive parents. The community here in Krum is something I cannot say enough good things about. Being a Krum graduate myself, I always told myself there is no other place I would rather work than this AMAZING school district. I work with some of the most talented, selfless, hardworking educators who go above and beyond to help each other out with anything that is needed. I have grown so much as an educator because of my amazing colleagues and administrators.” After speaking with Hattie Dyer Elementary Principal Lindsey Boone, it’s clear that Dyer loves Ms. Murphy as much as Ms. Murphy loves Dyer!“Ms. Murphy is an all-around amazing teacher!” said Mrs. Boone.  “She maintains high academic expectations and still takes the time to build relationships with each and every one of her students.  Her classroom management is fantastic, her students are highly motivated, they feel empowered to do their best, and have growth mindsets.  She is a leader, is always willing to share ideas, and is always looking for ways to grow herself.  Dyer Elementary is a better place because Ms. Murphy is here!”



Blanche Dodd Elementary Teacher of the Year: Amanda Brown


blanche dodd elementary 2022 teacher of the year amanda brown


After being a substitute for a time, Amanda Brown began her education career four years ago as a paraprofessional in Krum ISD before becoming a classroom teacher. A Tarleton State University Alumni, she currently teaches 3rd Grade Math and Science. “I love teaching at Dodd because of all of the support from other teachers and staff! I have been blessed with incredible mentors that have helped me learn and grow as an educator,” Mrs. Brown responded when asked what it is about Krum ISD that she enjoys. “I also love working in Krum because the community is so supportive of teachers and I have had the honor of working with some amazing students!” When we asked Blanche Dodd Elementary Principal Patricia Bolz about Mrs. Brown, she said “Mrs. Brown found her passion for education as she served the Krum ISD as a substitute teacher.  Seeing the love and care that she demonstrated towards all students, it was an easy decision to place her in a permanent role as a paraprofessional.  After working with a variety of students, she pursued an alternative certification in teaching so that she could lead a classroom of her own.  Mrs. Brown has served the Dodd students as a third grade teacher working collaboratively with her team.  Mrs. Brown  plans lessons based on what the students need and is always thinking of different ways to help them master the concepts.  Mrs. Brown is friendly and welcoming and truly cares for each individual who walks through her door.  She is an outstanding teacher and role model, and for those reasons, her peers have selected her as the Dodd Teacher of the Year.”


Krum Middle School Teacher of the Year: Brandon Freer


krum middle 2022 school teacher of the year brandon freer


A graduate of Dallas Baptist University, Brandon Freer has been an educator for six years,the past  four of which have been spent serving students at Krum ISD. After spending two years at the elementary level, his last two years have been spent serving the students of Krum Middle School where he currently teaches 8th Grade US History in addition to being a boys’ athletics coach. “By teaching in Krum, the town I reside I am able to not only have my students for a year, I have them for a lifetime. Watching the students I taught in fourth grade going into high school as young adults is an honor and a privilege that I do not take for granted. While attending sporting events, concerts, plays and a wide range of other extracurriculars that my current, past and future students participate in has allowed me to build solid relationships with not only the students but, with their parents as well,” said Mr. Freer.  “Krum is my home, my community and where I intend to spend the entirety of my career. My children are growing up in Krum schools, I love that I am part of their journey and am a Bobcat, right along with them! Teaching in this Krum has brought with it a passion for not only teaching but, for the community as a whole. Volunteering side by side with students for community service events, bumping into them at church, attending events they invite me to, being able to be there for them in all areas that they want/need my support is what I love most about teaching in Krum." KMS Principal Robert Butler commended his campus’s selection for Teacher of the Year, saying that “Coach Freer is an excellent teacher and teammate! He is a great choice by KMS teachers and students for teacher of the year…Since arriving at KMS two years ago Brandon Freer has taught Speech, Health, and American History, in addition to his duties as a coach. Coach Freer provides creative and engaging lessons while building strong relationships with students. He is always willing to do whatever is necessary to help teachers and students.”



Krum High School Teacher of the Year: Marissa Arevalo

krum high school 2022 teacher of the year marissa arevalo

Marissa Arevalo has spent all four years of her career as an educator with Krum High School after graduating from the University of North Texas. She currently teaches various levels of Algebra to the students of KHS. “The last couple of years have been extremely hard for educators. There have been two constants that have been there for me … the staff members of my school and my students,” says Mrs. Arevalo. “The staff at Krum High School has always been there for me and… the students are one of the brightest spots of my day. “KHS Principal Robert White described Ms. Arevalo’s investment into her students as simply incredible. “She is in attendance at most, if not all school functions to support our students in their extracurricular activities.  Her hours and dedication to the success of her students is simply amazing.  It is an honor to get to work with such an educator.  Her example makes all of us better."




Please join us in congratulating and celebrating these outstanding educators on being recognized as their campus Teacher of the Year!