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October's ES3 Awards winners honored

Educators, students and support staff members were honored for their excellence through the ES3 Awards at Krum Independent School District’s monthly board meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 12. The ES3 Awards is a program that seeks to recognize educators, students and support staff members every month at Krum Independent School District. The winners were awarded with a certificate of appreciation and gift card at the meeting.

At the Early Education Center, students Ryder Perot and Anistyn Bailey, teacher Brandi Claiborne, and support staff member Natasha Kirkland were awarded.

At Hattie Dyer Elementary School, students Frankie Montez and Ella Truhe, teacher Marian Martin, and support staff member Delia Gentry were awarded.

At Blanche Dodd Intermediate School, students Logan John and Sedona Quackenbush, teacher Julie Nabors, and support staff member Kay Galyon were awarded.

At Krum Middle School, students Alexis Osborn and Jaden Luttrell, teacher Tzahhia Coleman and support staff member Dixie Knight were awarded.

At Krum High School, students Allison Haubold and Fabian Sanchez-Bland, teacher Shanna Orsi, and support staff member Robin Martinez were awarded.

For the non-campus support staff category, custodian and crossing guard Frances Storek was awarded.

Nominate KISD educators, students and support staff now for the month of November. Click here to nominate.


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