Facilities Planning » Original Facilities Planning Proposal for 2019-2020 and Beyond

Original Facilities Planning Proposal for 2019-2020 and Beyond

On January 16, 2019, the Facilities Planning Committee presented a proposal for board consideration. This proposal will enable Krum ISD to house the influx of students anticipated to move into the Krum Community over the next few years. 
In summary, the committee proposed that beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, the current EEC and Dyer campuses will house grades K-5, and the current Dodd campus will house the daycare and pre-kindergarten. The portions of the Dodd building that are left unoccupied during the 2019-2020 school year have multiple options for use, including administration overflow, a Career Technology Center for KHS, and possibly housing kindergarten should that become a need. 
K-5 being housed on the same campus has multiple benefits. The vertical alignment, continuity, and consistency of one campus for K-5 enables students to grow in confidence, have significant leadership opportunities, and the chance for students and parents to develop more meaningful relationships with their educators. Additionally, many families have multiple children spanning these grade levels. Having all their K-5 children on one campus creates more ease and efficiency for tasks such as drop off and pick up, and school functions like Meet the Teacher Nights. Accountability is also an important consideration in this restructuring. The State of Texas has a new accountability measure program that ranks school districts, and soon campuses, on a few measures. One such measure is a growth measure calculated by the differences on subject-to-subject STAAR test scores. As Dyer only has one testing grade level, (3rd grade), there is no ability to measure growth in this manner, putting Dyer and all of Krum ISD at a disadvantage. 
This solution will be satisfactory for the next few years, but the growth is expected to continue. This will mean that Krum ISD needs more classrooms than we currently have. 3 different proposals for expansion were presented to the board: an addition to Dyer, an addition to the EEC, or an entirely new K-5 campus. 
Below are the documents presented to the board which detail the plan, the reasoning behind the plan, and the estimated budget to complete the project.