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Accepted Proposal for 2019-2020 School Year


At the February Board Meeting held February 20, 2019, the board voted unanimously to approve a campus reconfiguration of the Dyer and Dodd campus.


Effective next school year, Dyer Elementary and Dodd Elementary will be home to grades 2-5.


The original facilities plan presented to the board by the Facilities Planning Committee on January 16, 2019 detailed a reconfiguration of the EEC and Dyer to house K-5, while Dodd would house Daycare and PreK. This plan involved extensive construction to make Dodd compatible with this change, and would require classroom construction and reconfigurations to accommodate the anticipated growth of the district. The long-term growth would lead to the need of an addition to either the EEC or Dyer, or an entirely new elementary campus. However, soon after making this presentation and during the course of the Community Forums regarding this proposal, the district became informed of additional housing developments that were in the beginning stages of planning in our area. These additions are currently in a period of unknown as to how soon the homes would be completed. Taking this into consideration, the Facilities Planning Committee met again and came up with a new plan to begin moving the district to its end goal of K-5th elementary campus. This plan would change Dodd Intermediate into Dodd Elementary; both Dyer and Dodd would be home to grades 2-5 while the EEC would keep its current grade configuration of Daycare and PreK-1st grade. Many factors were considered when developing this plan, but the committee felt that this reconfiguration would still aide in the areas of top concern with the current configuration of campuses, including accountability measures, vertical alignment, student-teacher-parent relationships, and eliminating a campus transition for students.


For now, the boundary line is tentative at the railroad tracks; come April, the district will have software that will draw a specific boundary line. 


All dual language classes will be housed at Dyer. 



More information will be distributed as it becomes available regarding the rest of the changes necessary to make this reconfiguration effective, including but not limited to transportation and staffing.


You are still able to submit questions, feedback, and concerns for consideration using the form on our website, which can be accessed by clicking here.


Thank you all for your enthusiasm and patience as we move forward with this change to better our district for our students.


Cody Carroll


Krum ISD Superintendent