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Dual Language: Learning in Two Languages

The purpose of the Krum ISD Dual Language Program is to to improve the academic success of both Spanish and English dominant students while closing the achievement gap between the two groups. Students enrolled in the rigorous and academically challenging program will develop skills in both Spanish and English, resulting in bi-literate students at the end of fifth-grade so that students graduate ready for college, career, and life in a globally competitive economy.

All children who are in the program will be taught to read in their first language. They will later transfer that information into a new language. All students in the program will be taught math in English and science and social studies in Spanish.  

Over 450 districts across Texas use a dual language program due to the great advantages it offers students:
  • Students in dual language programs do as well or better than students learning only in English on standardized tests given in English.
  • Students participating in dual language programs close the achievement gap that currently exists between English Language Learners and general education students.
  • Students in dual language programs develop respect for multiple cultural heritages.
  • Students' cognitive function is positively impacted when they learn a second language.
  • Students in dual language programs increase their marketable skills in a global society.

Parents who are interested in enrolling their student in the KISD Dual Language Program are asked to commit to the program through the fifth-grade year in order to maximize academic performance and language acquisition in two languages.

Due to the anticipated popularity of the program, there will be limited space to accommodate students, with first preference given to those who are eligible due to a need for bilingual education services. Our dual language program will serve as our bilingual program for state requirements; therefore, students who are not eligible under the LPAC must attend three informational parent meetings at the EEC campus in order for their child to be eligible.
Parents with additional questions may contact Nancy Shipley at 940-435-7116 or [email protected]

Watch the video below to join two Krum ISD Dual Language Teachers and the Krum ISD English Learner Program Coordinator as they take you through a look at Krum ISD's Dual Language Program; a program that teachers students the same content as their peers while simultaneously providing an education that enables them to become bilingual and bi-literate in both English and Spanish.