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October ES3 Award Winners

Krum Early Education Center


braxton wilson and mrs stupka

Student: Braxton Wilson

Braxton is rocking Kinder! He has such a passion for learning and is truly a great friend. He has a big heart and enjoys helping others! We are so proud of his leadership this year!”

olivia frazier and mrs stupka

Student: Olivia Frazier

“Olivia Frazier comes to school each day with JOY! She is eager to learn and interact with her classroom family! You can always find Ms. Olivia is working hard and bringing JOY to her classroom family and school!”

shiloh barber and mrs stupka

Support Staff: Shiloh Barber 

“Shiloh is full of energy and radiates positivity! She has had a profound impact on our pre-k program by supporting all students to help them reach their fullest potential. She is a phenomenal asset to this campus!”

mrs carter and mrs stupka

Educator: Jentri Carter 

“Ms. Carter is so full of Life. I love how she keeps in communication in regards to my Kindergartener. She's all my K-Grader talks about when she gets home from school and she’s always excited to go to school to see what Ms. Carter will teach next.”

Hattie Dyer Elementary

dylan creed and mrs boone

Student: Dylan Creed

Dylan is such a compassionate & kind kid! He has been a wonderful 5th grade leader this year and we are lucky to have him on our campus.”

journey arellano and mrs boone

Student: Journey Arellano

“I am nominating Journey Arellano for her hard work and dedication on increasing her reading skills and always being kind and respectful to her fellow classmates.”

mrs jonas and mrs boone

Support Staff: Theresa Jonas

“Mrs. Jonas has stepped into our Librarian position this year. She is doing a fabulous job learning her new responsibilities as well as continuing to work with students who still need additional support! Her hard work does not go unnoticed!”

mrs cates and mrs boone

Educator: Brooke Cates

“Mrs. Cates always goes above and beyond for her students and the parents. No matter what, we can all count on her to take care of all the things needed for a great learning experience for the kiddos.”

Blanche Dodd Elementary

grant jones and mrs bolz

Student: Grant Jones

He is respectful and kind to everyone.”

bella morquecho and mrs bolz

Student: Bella Moquecho 

“I nominate Bella Morquecho. She is a sweetheart, always positive, tries her best and lends a helping hand when needed. She´s taken leadership roles in the Dodd Environmental Club and Krum Clean Up. She's a good friend to many.”

mrs boise and mrs bolz

Support Staff: Besse Boise

“She always makes the kids smile, She loves her job and the kids. Works hard each day. She is an amazing worker and lunch lady to all these kids.”

mrs gandy and mrs bolz

Educator: Kena Gandy

“She is so helpful and always puts the kids first.”

Krum Middle School

aiden williamson

Student: Aiden Williamson

Aiden has shown incredible strength and determination and is going above and beyond to make good grades! He is working harder than he ever has before and it's showing.”

layla cervantes

Student: Layla Cervantes

“Layla is such a joy to have in class. She enters and leaves the classroom with a smile on her face. Layla has a desire to learn and makes every effort to be the best student she can be. Layla is always willing to help those around her and is a quiet leader in the classroom and hallways. She leads by example. I am blessed to be her teacher.”

mrs vanzant

Support Staff: Michelle Vanzant

“ I am nominating Mrs. Vanzant because she is always there and helps everyone that needs her. She does a lot of helping around the school, she deals with annoying phone calls, schedule changes, cheers people up when they are sad, and makes them happy when they are angry. She does so much for us that I couldn't even be able to name everything. She is so invested in the kids and what is best for them. She also takes their thoughts and feelings into account. She really cares!”

mrs brearley

Educator: Mary Brearley

“Mrs. Brearley wears many hats at Krum Middle School. When asked to take over a role, she does it with a smile on her face and a willing heart. Mary gives 100% in all she does. She makes every effort to form relationships with her students and the staff at KMS. I feel very fortunate to be able to teach with her. I believe that she strives every day to make KMS a better place!”

Krum High School


caleb lewis and mr white

Student: Caleb Lewis

Caleb is a kind young man with incredible skills at observation. He notices things that other students (and adults!) don't see. He is compassionate and always willing to lend a hand even when he isn't asked. He is an asset to Krum High School, and we are lucky to have students like him….He recognizes the people who are not seen by others. He shows up against the odds that are against him and tries his very best to the best of his ability. He has the potential to do amazing things!”

sydney martin and mr white

Studnet: Sydney Martin

“Sydney is a remarkable young lady. She is a great example of a hard working, dedicated, and selfless student. She volunteers to help students at Dyer Elementary during the week, she is a leader on her volleyball team, and a leader in her school. She is always willing to help out others and give where needed. There needs to be more students like her.”

ms wilson and mr white

Support Staff: Christina Wilson

“We are thankful for Ms. Wilson's patience and understanding with her students.  She has had to address some medical situations with students on campus and she has maintained a calm and professional demeanor as she helped keep the student safe.  Thank you, Ms. Wilson for all you do!”

coach baker and mr white

Educator: Richard Baker

“Coach Baker is a fine man and represents exactly what coaching is all about. He has taken our middle daughter and our son and teaches them every single day to never give up and helps provide them the confidence to want to do more! Our family appreciates his positive support and constant determination to make those around him strive for excellence. Our family appreciates all he does for the community. Great kind role model!”


melynda rivers

Support Staff: Melynda Rivers

“Melynda has worked so hard behind the scenes on many projects, but most recently on getting everything in order for our upcoming MOA. I know I can always count on her!”

Special thank you to Barnett Sweets for donating sweet treats for each of these outstanding Bobcats!