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October ES3 Award Winners

Krum Early Education Center


Student: Maddox Morris

photo of maddox morris and mrs stupka


“Maddox Morris is a role model student. He consistently follows all of our school and classroom expectations. He goes out of his way to show kindness toward others. In addition, he is always willing to lend a helping hand. He puts forth his very best effort in all he does. His enthusiasm for school and learning is absolutely contagious. Maddox is definitely a superstar kindergarten student!”


Student: Haylee Odom

photo of haylee odom and mrs stupka

“Haylee is an excellent student who has a hunger and passion for learning. She strives to do her best at all times. She always exhibits a growth mindset. Haylee is kind and considerate of her peers. She is an absolute delight.”

Support Staff: Kathleen Hayes

photo of kathleen hayes and mrs stupka

“Kathy works in Employee Childcare and she is loving and excited about each child in her class. She makes learning fun and she celebrates every milestone with the children in her class. Every child that is in Kathy's class is a lucky child!!”


Educator: Sarah Yanez

photo of sarah yanez and mrs stupka

“Mrs. Yanez has been a wonderful gift in the start of my son's school year. She is loving, sees his potential, challenges him, and has truly made a relationship with him. He thinks the world of her, and our family is very blessed she is his kindergarten teacher this year!”


Hattie Dyer Elementary


Student: Wesley Cooper

photo of wesley cooper

“Wesley is such a positive influence in our classroom. Nothing gets him down and he works hard to keep everyone happy and positive as well!”


Student: Addison Carrube

photo of addison carrube

“She cares about her school, she makes straight A’s, part of the GT family, stands up for her friends and those in need, and even has recently started picking up trash on the playground during her recess! She is an outstanding kid and this would make her whole year to receive this!”


Support Staff: Dana Craddock

photo of dana craddock

“Dana has been a phenomenal rock for our campus during these unusual times!  She is always available to take the best care of our students and staff, gets here early each day, and is a great resource for all of us!” 


Educator: Brooke Cates

photo of brooke cates

“Mrs. Cates has been a flexible member of the Dyer staff the last couple of months. She has taken on many roles and helped to lighten the load for her co-workers. She's a valued member of her team, and her students and parents are lucky to have her in their lives this school year.”


Blanche Dodd Elementary


Student: Owen Baugus

photo of owen baugus and mrs bolz

“What a joy it is to have Owen in class. More often than not, he is attentive and eager to learn. He is always responsible and organized. Whenever I need something run down to another teacher, or a hand with anything, he is one of my go-to students. I know he will do what is supposed to be done and then get back on task. He is bright and aware and I appreciate that so much.”


Student: Seely Losh

photo of seely losh and mrs bolz

“Seely has shown leadership like never before. She been very helpful with new students on campus. The first week of school she showed a new student how to turn on the water fountain in the restroom. Since then she has been very helpful with her special needs classmate that visits her homeroom daily. She enjoys spending time and reading to him. She is very deserving of this award.”


Support Staff: Cesia Guzman

photo of cesia guzman and mrs mayfield

Ms. Guzman has been an enormous asset to the Dodd campus. She is willing and eager to take on new roles and responsibilities. She loves helping students and always seizes the opportunity to help a child grow. Ms. Guzman always has a smile on her face and her positivity is infectious. From in class support to small group interventions, the students love her and she is doing an amazing job.


Educator: Julie Nabors

photo of julie nabors and mrs bolz

I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate Julie Nabors and her willingness to help others. Any time I ask if she can help me with an issue at Dodd, she has always been quick to respond. She is a lifesaver and I appreciate her. I've worked with her for as long as I can remember and just wanted to take time to give a shout out to say how much I appreciate her.


Krum Middle School


Student: Aiden Baker

photo of aiden baker

Aiden is a great example of Bobcats Do Right! In addition to excelling academically, Aiden brings a kind and positive attitude to KMS. “


Student: Mia Smith

photo of mia smith

Mia is an excellent student and challenges herself academically. She is a great example of a KMS Bobcat for our younger students.”


Support Staff: Lulynn Polk

photo of lulynn polk and mrs gale

“Mrs. Polk has gone the extra mile this year providing kind and thoughtful gestures for the staff. Thanks for always thinking of ways to make the staff feel special.”


Educator: Mary Brearley

photo of mary brearley and ms woods

“Mrs. Brearley has brought a super positive and fun attitude to the KMS.  She works hard to ensure her students do well in 7th-grade math!”

Krum High School


Student: Carson Cooper

photo of carson cooper

“Carson Cooper is an excellent student and strong leader at KHS.  He has the respect of staff as well as peers.”


Student: Rylee Grimes

photo of rylee grimes

Rylee Grimes exhibits excellence in the classroom in addition to being a gifted musician.  She is also kind to others and is a strong representative of a leader at KHS.”


Support Staff: Vikki Chandler

photo of vikki chandler

Officer Chandler is learner-centered and does every job with 110% effort.  She seeks opportunities to help students, whether serving as a mentor, supporting anonymous needs, or holding them accountable.  She is a treasure to KHS and KISD.”


Educator: Bryan Gaines

photo of bryan gaines

Coach Gaines has evolved as an instructional leader on campus.  From training staff on various online formats to stepping into a vacancy when needed, Coach Gaines demonstrates the Bobcat spirit of doing anything necessary for our students and staff.”




Support Staff: Bobby Carey


“Bobby goes above and beyond to help in any way he can. He is always very friendly and positive.”

Special thank you to Barnett Sweets for donating sweet treats and gift certificates for each of these outstanding Bobcats! 
photo of thank you message with barnett cookies