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October ES3 Award Winners

Krum Early Education Center

photo of jamyson belflower

Jamyson Belflower

“He is always kind to others and willing to help anyone who needs it. I am so proud of him.”

photo of leddy bannahan

Leddy Bannahan

“Leddy is so kind to others and a great friend to all! She always has a smile on her face!”

photo of ms draper

Christina Draper

“Ms. Draper plans fun and interesting activities for the students in the library! She is a team-player, and goes above and beyond and helps anywhere needed on campus.”

photo of ms smith

Megan Smith

“She is very kind and patient with her students! My daughter loves going to school every day because of her. My daughter has a cochlear implant and she's wonderful about helping her development of self-advocacy.”


Hattie Dyer Elementary

photo of daniel ayala

Daniel Ayala

“We are so lucky to have Daniel on our campus! He is always respectful, kind, and friendly to everyone around him. He is a wonderful 2nd grader & a leader among others!”

photo of maci bell

Maci Bell

“Maci is always on the lookout for those classmates who need help or are being left out. She is a great role model of kindness to her classmates.”

photo of ms depee

Ellen Depee

“Ms. Depee truly puts the students she serves first. In addition, she validates teachers' concerns about speech referrals. Ms. Depee has been a breath of fresh air to our campus and is willing to work together for the benefit of all students.”

photo of mrs monaghan

Stephanie Monaghan

“Because of her quick thinking, she made sure we were safe during a scary time.”


Blanche Dodd Elementary

photo of mylo ibarra

Mylo Ibarra

“Mylo is a great student. He is a student who works hard. He enjoys school and he enjoys helping his friends with their Math homework when they need it. He is always willing to go the extra mile and from a conversation with Mr. Freer his math teacher, he is a joy to have in class. He keeps class exciting and is very in tune with everyone’s safety and well being. For those reasons and more, I would like to nominate Mylo Ibarra for the ES3 award.

Mylo is an amazing student who is respectful, thoughtful, and works very hard to be a great example to his peers. Mylo is always willing to help others and is a good friend. I was blessed to be his teacher and love seeing the impact he is making on a new campus. He truly is a wonderful all-around student who deserves recognition for the contributions he brings to the classroom and campus.”

photo of mckenzie coberley

McKenzie Coberley

“McKenzie has the kindest heart and truly wants to be a good student ... She is positive and wants everyone to follow the rules that the teachers and others at the school put forward. She also works to assist students so that they get on the right school bus, get to their class and to make them feel happy. She loves school, loves being at Dodd as she was at Dyer last year. She also works to help other students who are new to the school feel safe- because she is an experienced Safety Patrol officer . :-) If you ask her teachers they will all tell you that she is kind, dedicated and eager to please.”

photo of bertha gloria

Bertha Gloria

“Bertha is always willing to go beyond her duties to help the students! It is truly a joy to work alongside her!”

photo of ms reed

Christan Reed

“Ms. Reed just joined our team this year, but you would never know it. She quickly gained knowledge of her students and advocates for their personal and academic success. She is eager to learn and try new teaching methods to best impact her students. Her care and compassion for her class shows daily.”


Krum Middle School

photo of hector teran

Hector Teran

“Hector is the exemplary example of a KMS student. He is confident, compassionate, a hard worker, funny, and willing to help if needed. He shows up every day with a smile and he is a joy to have here at KMS. I couldn't think of a better student to deserve this award.”

photo of kennedy neal

Kennedy Neal

“Every day she has a positive attitude to our teachers and peers...She always makes me smile when I’m having a bad day.”

photo of ms blim

Laura Blim

“Ms. Laura works tirelessly to keep our school clean and comfortable for our students and staff.She is a professional who does not complain about her duties, rather she takes care of business with a smile on her face.Ms. Laura's attitude, work ethic, and positivity are a source of inspiration to all of us and we are truly lucky to have her.”

photo of ms wheless

Laura Wheless

“I am nominating Mrs. Wheless because she is very friendly and funny. She is always ready to help and has made a great impact on my life.”


Krum High School

photo of matthew scheffer

Matthew Scheffer

“Matthew always works hard in class and is a joy to be around!”

photo of aloana good

Aloana Good 

“Aloana Good is a hard-working student, goes out of her way to please others, stays out of trouble, always trying to make friends... There are none greater than Aloana Good and I nominate her for the ES3 Awards!!”

photo of mrs wilson

Lauren Wilson

“She is always at a ten, and works hard for every student every day. She has taken on a new role as head cheer coach and has done a tremendous job! She has a true passion to help our students grow.”

photo of mrs riney

Tera Riney

“Mrs. Riney is the embodiment of what it means to be an educator. She goes above and beyond to support her seniors and her freshmen. She spends time (and her own money) to connect her students to books they will enjoy reading. She also prepares her students for the rigors and expectations of life beyond high school. We are blessed to have Mrs. Riney in our school!”



photo of maintenance staff

Maintenance Department

“I just think that the maintenance crew is a very under-appreciated group that supports the school in several ways.; but their effort cleaning the football stadium for all of the home games is very impressive and should be noticed because without them we wouldn't have the freshly cleaned stands and sidewalks which are greatly appreciated.”