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ES3 Awards » October ES3 Award Winners

October ES3 Award Winners

Krum Early Education Center ES3 Award Winners

photo of tammy morris and kevin goodman

Kevin Goodman is always looking out for our children's education and safety. Always has a smile on his face. He is very protective and kind. I am very proud to have my child in his classroom.

photo of elijah banks and tammy morris

Elijah Banks is an outstanding student who already shows leadership skills in Kindergarten! He works hard and shows commitment on difficult tasks. He puts the wants and needs of others before his own. Elijah shows integrity and flexibility daily and makes the EEC proud!

photo of tammy morris and leddy bannahan

Leddy Bannahan is a great friend to others. She always listens and follows the rules and always tries her best.

headshot of christina draper

Christina Draper is our new librarian this year. She is passionate about books and teaching kids to love books!! We are so lucky to have her working with our students!

Hattie Dyer Elementary ES3 Award Winners

photo of shannon jochetz and lindsey boone
Shannon Jochetz is... kind, caring, patient, and supportive... Her heart for her students is evident.
photo of lindsey boone and bree fouts
Bree Fouts has the BEST manners. She is always kind and considerate to her classmates. She never hesitates to help a friend in need.


photo  of lindsey boone and parket gantt

Parker Gantt has had a great attitude and fantastic behavior this school year. He was kind and respectful to the guests (substitutes) in the building and has worked very hard!


headshot of lynsey bartholomew

Lynsey Bartholomew does such an amazing job building relationships with students and helping however she can.


Blanche Dodd Intermediate ES3 Award Winners

photo of tricia bolz and dede campbell

DeDe Campbell is a true team player! She never thinks twice about helping out colleagues in a time of need.


photo of tricia bolz and henry day

Henry Day has been working extremely hard this year! I am very proud of the grades and decisions he has been making!
photo of tricia bolz and mia andrus
Mia Andrus is very positive and always wanting to learn. She is a hard worker.
headshot of julie harrison
Julie Harrison always has a smile on her face and is there to help with anything you need.
Krum Middle School ES3 Award Winners
photo of robert butler and kelli lawrence


Kelli Lawrence received multiple nominations that all said pretty much the same thing: She is loving, caring, kind, sweet, understanding, and funny. Multiple students referred to her as one of the best teachers they’ve ever had, and appreciate how she always says hi in the mornings and asks how things are going.


photo of robert butler and ashlyn craven

Ashlyn Craven is doing a great job working with our STEP students and as our cheerleader coach.


photo o zachary paul and robert butler

Zachary Paul runs cross country and has all A's. Friends describe him as a hard worker and is very positive


photo of bryce borchardt and robert butler

Bryce Borchardt has straight A's. Plays multiple sports, is in yearbook, and just placed at the State Fair for FFA, is in National Junior Honor Society


Krum High School ES3 Award Winners

photo of mrs p and tyler pirtle
It is very simple-Mr. Pirtle cares about our kids. He is such a blessing for Krum High School.
photo of mrs p and stacey craddock
Stacey Craddock: I am teaching aquatic science this year and I had no sink or drain for my water. This ingenious man hooked me up with a portable system he designed that allows me to have a fresh supply of water and disposal. You have to see it to believe it! I have pics and video of the amazing job he did to make MY job doable. I was literally in tears trying to make it all work with a pitcher and a fish tank, but he went the extra mile(s) to ensure my students had what they need to succeed! My Hero!!!
photo of mrs p and genesis martinez
Genny Martinez is a very kind and caring person. She is generous and loving.
photo of mrs p and wyatt ford
I have Wyatt Ford in my chemistry class and he is always respectful towards me and his classmates. This week I witnessed Wyatt going the extra mile for his classmate. Wyatt sits next to a student that recently injured his writing arm. As I was patrolling the classroom to make sure everyone was filling out their outline. I noticed Wyatt was filling out two outlines. One for himself and the other for his classmate. He did this without me prompting him to help out. I can imagine most students would just suggest taking a photo of the work, or not even help out at all. I was just very surprised a student was making an effort to help out a friend without being told to do so.

District ES3 Award Winners

photo of nancy shipley and lacey alexander
Lacey Alexander was nominated by a Student for being such a nice bus driver and coach who always helps out.