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November ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center ES3 Awards Winners

photo of austin honeycutt and mrs morris
Austin Honeycutt has worked hard to create a wonderful PE atmosphere! My students love coming to his class...I know he is a teacher that my students will always remember.

photo of jessica gaines and mrs morris

Jessica Gaines goes above and beyond expectations! She is flexible to work wherever needed and always has a positive disposition!

photo of maximus eddy and mrs morris

Maximus Eddy is so responsible!  A caring friend, and just an all-around awesome kid.


Payton Brearley... has a heart for others! She puts her classmates wants and needs before her own, and she is always kind. She strives to do the right thing in all situations, is respectful to her teachers, and is a great role model on the EEC campus.

Hattie Dyer Elementary ES3 Awards Winners

photo of courtney murphy and mrs boone
Courtney Murphy is always willing to help other teachers, serves on numerous committees, and strives to better our campus with innovative ways to reach her students. Every day her students walk out of the room knowing they are loved and supported. Mr. Murphy has been a blessing to our campus and everyone she encounters. Her positive personality is contagious and inspires those who are around her!
photo of crystal and mrs boone
Crystal Arriaga is such a great, loving teacher; she is always smiling and helping students with lots of patience. Our campus wouldn’t be the same without her!
photo of keeley and mrs boone
Keeley Blocker is very hardworking and kind! She is always striving to do her best… she is always working to be a good citizen by making good choices, following rules, and being kind to others.
photo of tristen and mrs boone
Tristen Gloria is a true friend who shares empathy and excitement for his peers no matter the situation. He is a role model and a true asset to our classroom.

Blanche Dodd Intermediate ES3 Awards Winners

photo of mr carbajal and mrs bolz

Franco Carbajal is a great teacher; very nice, funny, and just plain awesome in general! He has created a love of music in our students and doubled the size of the Dodd choir in just a year. He is a team player and always seeks to support our students.

photo of staci jones and mrs bolz

Staci Jones has taken over the Dodd library and is doing an amazing job! Not only has the library become a very inviting and warm place to be, but Mrs. Jones is continually working to create interactive activities for the kids. The library is not just a place to check out books; it’s a reading paradise!

photo of yuliana and mrs bolz

Yuliana Gloria is an amazing Dodd citizen! She exhibits a positive attitude, extends help when others need it and performs her best at all times.

photo of jace hall and mrs bolz

Jace Hall is a thoughtful, caring student! He looks for opportunities to help others and has spent much of his free time helping a fellow classmate understand a new academic concept.

Krum Middle School ES3 Awards Winners

photo of mcbrayer and butler
Matt McBrayer has got a kind heart; he knows how to work with all kinds of kids. He always makes a point to reach out when he sees someone who needs something.
photo of angela khader and mr butler
Angela Khader is a caring and dedicated support staff member. She is always willing to do what she can to help students be successful.
photo of anyla paschall and mr butler
Anyla Paschall is an exceptional student. In addition, she is always willing to provide a helping hand to other students and teachers. Anyla is a respectful young lady, with high aspirations of becoming a scientist.
photo of hayden berrier and mr butler
Hayden Berrier is an excellent student. He is very mature and always willing to help others.

Krum High School ES3 Awards Winners

photo or mr cates and mrs p
Ryan Cates helps build school spirit and positive relationships with students and staff. He assists the cheerleaders with making run-through signs and even helps coach basketball when he has a spare moment.
photo of mrs knight and mrs p
Dixie Knight is a help, kind, supportive individual.
photo of bailey jenson and mrs p
Bailey Jensen is in several extracurricular activities including Art Club and Band. She always gives 110% in the classroom and extracurricular events. She was one of the students in the art club that decorated our campus for Halloween.
photo of zaine carrasco and mrs p
Zaine Carrasco is a person that will lift you up when you are down, helps when you need it, and he also is a person that is always doing what he is supposed to do.