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November ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center


Link Brewer

Link Brewer

He is so sweet and polite. Always has a smile on his face :)”



dania gomez

Dania Gomez

“Every day she does the right thing and always goes around checking all the computers for me and pushing in chairs without asking. Always sweet and smiling and being a good friend. Sweet girl.”



megan richardson

Megan Richardson

“Megan is new on campus this year and has gone above and beyond to help our students be successful. She works hard, sees a need and fills it. We are so lucky to have her on our team!

Thanks for all you do Megan!”



mandy martinez

Mandy Martinez

“Mandy is a new to KISD as a Kindergarten teacher for us this year, but you would never know it. She has hit the ground running and joined in all the fun here at the EEC. She works well with her team, other colleagues and daily blesses the students in her classroom. We are blessed to have her here at the EEC!

Thanks for all you do Mandy!”



Hattie Dyer Elementary


easton mathis

Easton Mathis

“Easton is a hard worker and his smile will brighten your day. He saw me drop 4 water bottles and was there to help me pick them up. He is so helpful to his teachers and peers. He is a joy to have at our school.”



ryland reed

Ryland Reed

“Ryland is a wonderful student! She has a joyful spirit. Ryland is a member of Dyer's Safety Patrol, is friendly, helpful, and a hard worker. She has a big heart and puts her best foot forward in all that she does.”



delia gentry

Delia Gentry

Mrs. Gentry connects with the heart of our students. She is dedicated and in tune to their needs. While she does a great job on a daily basis, Mrs. Gentry additionally serves students in after-school care as well as on Saturdays to ensure their success. Mrs. Gentry is an absolute gift to our students and community!”



cortney bevers

Cortney Bevers

“Cortney is new to Dyer and it feels like she has always been here. She fits in perfectly and is already such a crucial part of our Dyer family. Cortney has worked so hard to get to know both the students and their families to best serve them. She is so hardworking and an incredible advocate for her students.”



Blanche Dodd Elementary 


jr lamb


JR Lamb

“JR is such a kind kid. He is always willing to help someone out in need, whether it's a teacher or a student. He holds doors open for other students in the morning and has been helpful to the teachers in the afternoon with parent pickup. He also plays football for KYSA and is always will to help a fellow teammate out. He shows great sportsmanship and represents Krum well!”



lyla steele

Lyla Steele

“Lyla is a sweet caring girl.”



daniel gale

Daniel Gale

“Mr. Gale is a positive role model for students.  He keeps his cool under pressure and has quickly built relationships with the students he serves. “



jonathan boyer

Jonathan Boyer

“He is always willing to help out, he puts his students first, and no matter how busy things are you can bet he'll greet you with a smile and a positive thought.” 



Krum Middle School



jax mcdonald

Jax McDonald

“Jax is a knowledgeable, ambitious student truly deserving of this honor. He is an enthusiastic learner and teacher. He loves to enlighten others with the information he has gathered. His memory is remarkable. If Google could have a child he would be it. He is a wealth of knowledge on any subject. I am thrilled to have him in my class.”



grace boonpattrawong

Grace Boonpattrawong

“Grace is a pleasure to have in class! She always has a smile on her face and is eager to work hard. Grace is a great example of what exemplifies a Bobcat! She has great pride in her school and great respect for her teachers and peers.”



christal huff

Christal Huff

“Mrs. Huff is wonderful with the Life Skills kids. She makes real connections with her students and always has a smile on her face.”



cheryl duke

Cheryl Duke

“Mrs. Duke is always so nice when it comes to everything. She is very humble and always makes sure students are doing the right thing. Mrs. Duke always puts herself before others and will never let a kid fail.”




Krum High School



peyton jones

Peyton Jones

“Peyton goes above and beyond to volunteer and ensure things that need to be done to help out in the class are done. Furthermore, Peyton seeks ways to help his fellow classmates who he can see need assistance with their projects or work. Peyton puts others before himself ensuring they are successful in their classwork.”



emilie lanther

Emilie Lanther

“On Wednesday, the 25th of September, during a cross-country meet, Emilie watched a fellow teammate pass out in front of her. Emilie ran to let her coach and her teammate's mother know about what had happened, which delayed her crossing the finish line. Emilie did go on to finish the race, placing 8th place. In true Bobcat Spirit and Integrity, Emilie gave her medal away to be with her fellow teammate at the hospital.”



misty waldrum

Misty Waldrum

“Ms. Waldrum does an excellent job serving and taking care of 2 athletic directors, as well as an entire coaching staff at Krum ISD. She handles paperwork of epic proportions for the entire athletic program, along with helping out with the booster club and organizing and taking care of the tunnel cats at the football games. Misty does all of this with a smile on her face and eagerness to do things right and for others. She is amazing!!”



darell jenkins

Darell Jenkins

“Over two weeks ago, Mr. Jenkins was injured and has not been able to return to work. He stays in contact daily to make certain that his students understand his instructions and assignments, and he corresponds with students who email him with questions. On the weekend, he has his wife drive him to school so he can prepare his classroom for the week. He is doing everything possible to cause the least amount of disruption for his students during a difficult time.”





kristy smith

Kristy Smith

“I recently saw Kristy filling in for crossing guard duty at the EEC early one morning and it reminded me what a great employee she has always been. She is willing to do what is needed to help out in all areas, and does so cheerfully. KISD is very fortunate to have Kristy on our team! She is one of a kind!”