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November ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center

photo of mrs srupka and ciro

Student: Ciro Uribe

Ciro always goes above and beyond what you ask him to do. He is a great student and classmate!”


photo of mrs stupka and adlyn

Student: Adlyn McLearen

Addy comes to school each day full of Joy to learn and help others. She is always kind to her classroom family and peers! Her love for learning and "fancy" personality shines through her! You can always count on her to be on task, assisting others when needed, and completing quality work in a timely manner! Addy is a Rockstar!”


photo of devan mcasey perez

Support Staff: Devan McAsey-Perez

Devan is a true team player! She is always willing to step in and help out wherever we may need her! Her love of the kids is evident in all she does. We are blessed to have her here at the EEC!”


photo of mrs stupka and rachel stevens

Educator: Rachel Stevens 

Rachel is a wonderful new asset to this campus. She has gracefully taken on her new role are as a pre-k teacher and works tirelessly to meet the needs of every student. She is delivering exciting and engaging lessons each day. We are so impressed by her patience and determination.”

Hattie Dyer Elementary


photo of mrs boone and lukasey

Student: Lukasey Evans

Lukasey is a role model for his classmates and gives 100% all the time!”


photo of jasmine

Student: Jasmine Flores

Jasmine is a very respectful and helpful student. She comes to school with a positive attitude and always does her best in everything that she does. She is always willing to help her classmates in any way that she can.”


photo of mrs boone and theresa jonas

Support Staff: Theresa Jonas

Theresa is always willing to do whatever she is asked! From changing gears in the middle of the day to hopping over to help another campus that needs assistance. She is a gift to our campus!”


photo of mrs boone and erika wilson

Educator Erika Wilson

"Erika is a hard worker on our campus. She has taken on new roles, new schedules, and has shown immense flexibility this year. She has a deep love for her students, always striving to do what is best for them and make lessons engaging. Her hard work should be rewarded."

Blanche Dodd Elementary


photo of mrs bolz and rigdon

Student: Rigdon Petersen

Rigdon has a huge heart! Rigdon always looks out for anyone who might be struggling staying on task or having troubles with knowing how to solve problems. Rigdon makes sure others feel included, and always has a smile on his face. Rigdon has a positive attitude and always tries his best. He is an absolute joy to have in class.”


photo of mrs mayfield and keeley blocker

Student: Keeley Blocker

Keeley is great at going with the flow! No matter our learning environment or the learning concepts she is asked to do, she always has a positive attitude and gives her best.”


photo of mrs bolz and natalie tovar

Support Staff: Natalie Tovar

Mrs. Tovar is a supportive, caring, team player.  She demonstrates a positive attitude and cares deeply for the students with whom she works.  She never backs down from a challenge but instead finds a helpful solution.  She is greatly appreciated.”


photo of mrs bolz and suellen vardell

Educator: Suellen Vardell

She is an amazing teacher to everyone. When I was in her class she always made me smile. She helps everyone when they need her. She is the best teacher you could ask for.”


Krum Middle School


photo of briar bannahan

Student: Briar Bannahan

Briar is an excellent student. He has a great attitude and is always respectful to students and staff."


photo of savanna higgs

Student: Savanna Higgs

Savanna has been ROCKING it with at-home learning! She is making A's and B's in all her classes, frequently communicates with her teachers, and uses a planner system and alarms to make sure she's on time to all of her classes' Zooms.”


photo of rebecca greer

Support Staff: Rebecca Greer

Mrs. Greer is always looking for ways to enhance the educational experience of her students. She is super positive and is always looking for ways to help others."


photo of melissa walls

Educator: Melissa Walls

Mrs. Walls always goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her students. She holds them accountable in a loving and caring manner.”

Krum High School


photo of evan rodriguez

Student: Evan Rodriguez

Evan is very kind and is helpful to others. He is a remote learner that works hard. “


photo of rachel paddack

Student: Rachel Paddack

Rachel is always there to help anywhere she's needed”


photo of jackie beall

Support Staff: Jackie Beall
Mrs. Beall always goes above and beyond what is required of her! She does this while being kind to everyone.”


photo of mary lynn ford

Educator: Mary Lynn Ford

Mrs. Ford is an amazing teacher. She is on zoom every day to help students that are remote. She helps students with any questions they have, even if it is for a different class. Every day Mrs. Ford asks how her students are doing and on Friday's she asks what our favorite part of the week was.”



photo of terry rahn

Terry Rahn

Mrs. Rahn was the perfect choice for our District Special Education Director & Assessment Coordinator. She is helpful, quick to answer questions or help find answers, & continues to be patient with my many questions! Our staff knows that they can ask her questions and go to her for support. She finds opportunities to make us all better at our jobs & we appreciate her so much!”