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January ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center



photo of mrs. stupka and haldston

Student: Halston Daves


“Halston Daves is a superstar kindergarten student! He goes above and beyond to meet all of our classroom expectations. He sets such a great example for all of his classmates. 

He is always the first to volunteer to lend a helping hand. He has a kind heart towards his classmates and loves to help if he sees someone having a little bit of trouble. In addition, Halston consistently puts forth his very best effort in all he does. He is very dedicated to his school work. He also loves to share and participate in our small group and class discussions. He is such a joy to have in class!” 

photo of mrs stupka and audrina

Student: Audrina Wolff


“Audri is a wonderful student!  She always tries her best when completing work in class.  Audri is a sweet friend to others and is willing to help out anywhere it is needed.  I love watching her play with some of our friends from the life skills class.  She reaches out and makes them feel included!  I love having her as part of our class family.”



photo of mrs stupka and ms brown

Support Staff: Summer Brown


“You can tell how much she loves her job and the kids she cares for by the way she talks about the kids and how much she loves to see them each day. She is a hard worker and always makes sure everything that needs to get done gets done even if it's something not in her job description. She goes above and beyond and most of all loves the kids!”



photo of mrs stupka and mrs morisak

Educator: Cindy Morisak


“She has done an amazing job helping our children start school and keep them going through this crazy semester. And she makes sure us parents are able to know what's going on also.”


Hattie Dyer Elementary



photo of mrs boone and case

Student: Case Wallace


“Case is a bright student and a hard worker. He's a willing helper in the classroom. Case has made great growth this school year, and I'm very proud of his accomplishments!”



photo of savannah winslow

Student: Savannah Winslow


“Savannah is a very caring student who always thinks of others first. She is also active in the Dyer Safety Patrol.”



photo of mrs boone and mrs callaway

Support Staff: Aly Callaway


“Aly is wonderful! She goes above and beyond for her students. She is always willing to partner with students to help them understand. She writes encouraging notes for my students and makes sure they know amazing she thinks they all are. She is never too busy to stop and smile and share her enthusiasm and positive attitude. The students adore her.”



photo of mrs boone and mrs arriaga

Educator: Crystal Arriaga


“She is always so helpful and resourceful in helping my child learn. We are truly blessed to be in her class this year.”


Blanche Dodd Elementary



photo of mrs bolz and brady

Student: Brady Ford


“Brady is a gracious and kind student. He has a thirst for knowledge and a passion for helping others.  He has been a remote learner this year and has successfully maneuvered through online learning while finding ways to stay connected to others.  He is an amazing young man who will have a positive impact on his community.”



photo of mrs bolz and kamila

Student: Kamila Hernandez


“Remote Student Trooper this year!”



photo of ms yokotake

Support Staff: Coreen Yokatake


“Always a smile and excellent service!”



photo of mrs bolz and mrs campbell

Educator: DeDe Campbell


“Ms. Campbell is a huge support to the teachers and students. Her knowledge of Math and her ability to reach students is deeply appreciated and extremely noticed. She is positive, upbeat, and is ALWAYS there to help with a smile.”

Krum Middle School



photo of mateo gonzalez

Student: Mateo Gonzalez


“Mateo possesses many wonderful attributes of a 21-century learner.  He is a creative, critical thinker, who is great at communicating and collaborating with others. He is always up for a challenge and ponders solutions to problems he identifies.”



photo of nera chism

Student: Nera Chism


“Nera is a very sweet and kind student. She has a great sense of humor and an amazing work ethic. Nera is extremely hard working and determined. She brings a lot of positive energy to our pre-athletics class. She is also very tough. She had an injured wrist before the Christmas break. She refused to sit out which a lot of kids would. Instead, she continued to work, including one workout day that we had in which she did one-armed push-ups. This old Coach was extremely proud. She is a great kid!”



photo of mrs knight

Support Staff: Dixie Knight


Nurse Dixie Knight has done an outstanding job helping KMS and KISD navigate the challenges present this school year by Covid 19. Nurse Dixie has worked tirelessly to keep students and staff safe. She has also been a tremendous asset in helping administration and staff to provide safe access in-person instruction.”



photo of ms nalley

Educator: Darla Nalley


Mrs. Nalley works extremely hard to ensure each student in her class has the opportunity to achieve maximum personal and academic growth. The KMS STEP program has flourished under her direction.”


Krum High School



photo of will lombard

Student: Will Lombard


“Will is an excellent student who is in band, tennis and is well respected among teachers and peers.”



photo of morgan mitchell

Student: Morgan Mitchell


“Morgan is an incredible young woman who has a strong work ethic and a wonderful attitude.  She strives to do her best no matter the task, and she is always supportive of those around her.”



photo of mrs murdock

Support Staff: Jessica Murdock


“Jessica Murdock is our high school registrar who is hard-working, positive and is intentionally exceptional each and every day.  The staff and students are blessed to have her on our campus.”



photo of ms riney

Educator: Tera Kemohah-Riney 


“Tera Riney is one of the most passionate, dedicated educators I have ever encountered. From convincing her students that it is important to cite sources when you use someone else's words or ideas to organizing the blood drive, she is tireless in her efforts. She provides an incredible work ethic and holds our students to a high standard that will serve them well in life.” 





photo of bobi lackey

Support Staff: Bobi Lackey


"Bobi is a great choice for the District Support Staff of the month! As part of our Business Department, she really keeps things moving around here!"