January ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center


Cash Button and Mrs. Morris

Student: Cash Button 

“Cash is an outstanding leader at the EEC campus. He works diligently in class, is a kind friend, and you can count on him to show integrity daily!”


Kennedy Sides and Mrs Morris

Student: Kennedy Sides

Kennedy is a great student. She is a wonderful problem solver and is helpful to her classmates. She is always in a great mood and shows kindness to everyone in the school. She is eager to learn. She always follows directions and works hard in school.”


shanda sprabary

Support Staff: Shanda Sprabary

“She is such a hard worker. Shanda is a team player and is ready to jump in and help wherever is needed. She is flexible and is always positive to whatever comes her way. She is a joy to work with and has such a precious family!”


cory kuhn and mrs morris

Educator: Cory Kuhn

 “Coach Kuhn has made tremendous progress in working with our young students. He has jumped in and became part of the EEC family!”


Hattie Dyer Elementary


ezekiel elliot and mrs boone

Student: Ezekiel Elliott

“Ezekiel is a hard-working student who is always at school early when he needs assistance on an assignment. He is determined to do well, even when things are not easy.”


emily reyes
Student: Emily Reyes

“Emily is always looking for ways to help her teachers and classmates, she is always looking after the new students and those who need more help.”


lys robles and mrs boone

Support Staff: Lys Robles

“She is very nice attentive and kind, always helps us in everything”


lauren mosely and mrs boone

Educator: Lauren Mosely 

“Lauren has gone above and beyond this year making sure the transition to fourth grade has gone smoothly. She is a team player and is always willing to help those in need. She has built such strong relationships with her students and is such an asset to the Dyer Campus!”


Blanche Dodd Elementary


reid anderson and mrs bolz

Student: Reid Anderson

“He is a smart guy and is always willing to give encouraging support.”


annie belflower and mrs bolz

Student: Annie Belflower

“Annie is always excited to learn and read. She loves to be a big help and is kind to everyone. I'm very proud of her and the fact that she is so excited to start her day ready to learn is fantastic.”


amanda brown and mrs bolz

Support Staff: Amanda Brown

“Mrs. Brown is an amazing educator!  She began her career as an outstanding substitute and was quickly hired as a paraprofessional.  She has completed her teaching certification and is now prepared to take on her own classroom. She is such a kind person who has a nurturing heart for her students.  She is always looking for the best way to reach a student academically and emotionally. She is such an asset to the Dodd campus!”


brandon freer and mrs bolz

Educator: Brandon Freer

“Because he is always nice to kids. He is the best teacher ever!:)”


Krum Middle School


mateo gonzalez and mr butler

Student: Mateo Gonzalez

“Mateo is a joy to have in class. He comes to class prepared and he is a helpful student that is liked by his teachers and peers. He follows directions and goes above and beyond what is expected of him.”


angelina saied and mr butler

Student: Angelina Saied

“I teach Angelina and coach one of her UIL teams.  Talk about a student who shines! Not only does she try her best in all she sets out to do, she has a hunger for learning that makes her an ideal student.  She is very kind, humble, and respectful to her peers and teachers. She is a superstar!”


rebecca greer and mr butler

Support Staff: Rebecca Greer

“Rebecca is such an encouragement to her students. She always has a smile and a creative approach to meeting their needs. Her dedication to student success is evident - even in her smallest actions. We are so grateful she joined our KMS family this year. She is a difference-maker!”


melissa walls and mr butler

Educator: Melissa Walls

“Melissa goes above and beyond for her students.  She stays late, implements strategies communicates with parents and takes her own time to make each and every one of her students successful.  Melissa has started and Anime club to stark and cultivate the interests of KMS students. She will do anything and everything you ask her to do and she does it to the best of her abilities.  KMS is blessed to have such a phenomenal devoted teacher.”

Krum High School


connor murdock and mrs p

Student: Connor Murdock

“Connor is respectful to his teachers and his peers.  He is always willing to help and participates while working diligently.  He is a model student of respect and responsibility.”


kayla hayes and mrs p

Student: Kayla Hayes

“Kayla is super-sweet and respectful to her friends.  She is a great player on the basketball court and is a dedicated student.”


stacy craddock and mrs p

Support Staff: Stacy Craddock

“Mr. Craddock does an amazing job of taking care of the needs of many at the high school. He does all of this in a timely manner and with great attention to detail and with the determination to do it correctly the first time. He is always available when we need him.”


monica rivas and mrs p

Educator: Monica Rivas

“Ms. Rivas is constantly thinking of ways she can better support her students. She creates unique lessons and activities that allow her to assess student needs on personal and academic levels. As an educator, she is constantly honing in her abilities and looking for ways to improve. She really is a rockstar!”