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January ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center



photo of mrs. stupka and sawyer

Student Sawyer Tankersley

“Sawyer has worked so hard this year and I am so proud of him for it. He is a wonderful friend and tries really hard to include everyone."

photo of mrs stupka and kenzi

Student Kenzi Dorman

“Kenzi is a rockstar in Pre-K this year! She has grown so much in her communication. This year she is showing us what she knows! She is always smiling, and happy to be at school with her friends.”



photo of mrs stupka and ms maldonado

Support Staff Julissa Maldonado

“We are so blessed to have Julissa on campus. She supports our dual language classrooms daily and is always willing to step in and help wherever is needed. She does anything we ask of her with a big smile!”



photo of mrs stupka and mrs harner

Educator Julie Harner

“Julie Harner is fantastic! She is always taking the initiative to get things done. She has made wonderful connections with staff and students. We are so appreciative of her flexibility and positivity.”


Hattie Dyer Elementary



photo of easton silva

Student Easton Silva

Easton is a bright spot in the classroom. He is a hard worker, an active participant, and always polite. He constantly has a smile on his face, is helpful, and shares his excitement about learning!”



photo of izabela demeties

Student Izabela Demeties

“She always has a smile on her face. She goes out of her way to help a friend or a teacher. She also loves to give hugs. She has to give over a 100% in everything she does.”



photo of mrs hull

Support Staff Sherry Hull

“Mrs. Hull works very hard to make sure our students are fed each day...she has such an important job, and we are so glad she's a part of our Dyer Team!”


photo of mrs dillon

Educator Michele Dillon

“Mrs.Dillon has brought much comfort to my child (and I) as we made our transition from a full year of virtual learning and transfer to a new school district. My child is now in third grade and continues to mention how much she loves it here and that she is her favorite teacher she has ever had. This year has not been easy but Mrs.Dillon is always there to make sure we are at ease and is quick to address any concerns or questions I may have. We are very thankful for her.”


Blanche Dodd Elementary



photo of mrs mayfield and jack

Student Jack Miller

He is always friendly and caring. He works hard in class and always puts forth his best effort.”



photo of mrs mayfield and kim

Student Kim Bonenberger

“This student is always ready to help out her peers. Even on the first day of school, she volunteered to help other students. She has continued to help her classmates since this point and is always the first to volunteer if another student needs help.”



photo of mrs mayfield and ms hawkins

Support Staff Jeanette Hawkins

“She is always talking to the kids. She goes out of her way to help them out and is always there to listen to them when they need to talk. She very important in the cafeteria staff.”



photo of mrs mayfield and mrs middleton

Educator Erin Middleton

“She is always helpful and kind. She spent most of the first semester teaching fourth grade while still helping out with Chromebooks and other technology.”

“Mrs. Middleton is, and always has been, a true team player. This school year she has been flexible to fill the roles needed at Dodd Elementary. From creating a new STEAM program to jumping into the role of 4th-grade science teacher, back to STEAM again! The students love learning from Mrs. Middleton, regardless of the role she takes. Additionally, she runs our Chromebook hospital, ensuring that students have much needed working technology! Mrs. Middleton is a truly amazing educator, and we are all lucky to have her as part of our team.”

Krum Middle School



photo of mr butler and bryan stone

Student Bryan Stone

“Bryan has continued to excel in his education at Krum Middle School. Bryan comes to class every day, ready to work. He is always extremely respectful to his peers and staff at KMS. I am so proud of his hard work and how far he has come from the beginning of the school year.”


photo of mr butler and micah parrent

Student Micah Parrent

“Micah has flourished this year, she works very hard to keep ahead of her studies and is putting in extra work to do a good job on the tennis team. Micah has a deep love for the theater and this year under the direction of Mrs. Grey she medaled in the One-Act Play.  Micah is on the varsity choir and loves to sing.”


photo of mr butler and ms gee

Support Staff Julie Gee

“Mrs. Gee does a tremendous job supporting our students as a para-educator. She is also willing to help cover classes when needed. Whatever you ask Julie to do, you can be confident it will be done well.“



photo of mr butler and mrs trammell

Educator Shannon Trammell

“Shannon consistently goes out of her way to help her students and her fellow teachers with whatever is needed. She keeps the atmosphere positive and friendly.”


Krum High School



photo of aiden vollmer

Student Aiden Vollmer

“Aiden is a member of the Bobcat basketball team and is an outstanding student in the classroom. On the court, he is known for being a great teammate, always one of the first to celebrate a teammate doing something great. Aiden's encouragement is a boost.”


photo of lillie winker

Student Lillie Winker

“She always tries and she will always give her 100%. She is an amazing friend. And she is always there when you need her. She will never let you down. She always has amazing energy and can light up a room. She’s just amazing.”



photo of mrs knight

Support Staff Dixie Knight

“Nurse Dixie does a wonderful job supporting our students and encouraging students/staff to stay safe and healthy. She sets a great example to all of how to stay safe during the ever-changing pandemic. Nurse Dixie has also helped students in the classroom, sharing her expertise of child and infant safety. She is a phenomenal nurse and educator.”



photo of ms steddum

Educator Dayna Steddum

“She’s a great teacher and does what she needs to do to help us out.”





photo of shirlee bryant

Support Staff Shirlee Bryant

“Ms. Bryant does the little things that help our students feel valued. She is friendly and warm. Krum ISD is grateful to have special people like Ms. Bryant represent the organization who exemplify our values.”