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February ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center



photo of mrs stupka and kolbie bevers

Student Kolbie Bevers

“Kolbie is a true Rockstar! She comes to school each day ready to work hard and play hard. Kolbie is so kind and helpful to all of her classroom family members. Kolbie is a first-time listener, hard worker, an eager helper, and she brings so much joy to our classroom family! We are thankful for Kolbie and I am very proud of how hard she works each and every day!”



photo of mrs stupka and jersey dutson

Student Jersey Dutson

“Jersey is a role model student. She comes to school eager and excited to learn every day! Not to mention, I can always count on her to lend a helping hand. Academically, she works hard and always puts in extra effort to produce top-quality work! She also makes sure that all of her classmates are happy. She has such a big heart and is always looking out for others. She brings so much joy to our classroom. We are so lucky to have her as part of our classroom family!”



photo of mrs stupka and ms kirkland

Support Staff Makinsey Kirkland

“She is so kind. She takes pride in her job and has so much patience. We appreciate her extra effort.”



photo of mrs stupka and mrs walker

Educator Felicia Walker

“Mrs. Walker has been a blessing to our family this year. She has challenged my child academically, shown she genuinely cares about his well-being and has made an intentional relationship with him. Any time I have had the pleasure to visit her classroom this year, the students are polite, kind to others, and working on task. Her hard work and positive attitude deserve to be recognized.”


Hattie Dyer Elementary


photo of mrs boone and adrian arriage

Student Adrian Arriaga

Adrian is a leader, a good friend, and always willing to do whatever needs to be done! He's an excellent student!”



photo of mrs boone and pilar lemons

Student Pilar Lemons

“Pilar is such a great student and person! She is kind to everyone she comes across & is a wonderful helper. We are so glad she's a Dyer student!”



photo of mrs boone and mrs demeties

Support Staff Nina Demeties

“Mrs. Demeties is our permanent sub, and she has been such an asset to our campus! She is willing to do whatever is needed, is flexible, and works hard to build relationships with our students and staff. We are happy to have her on our Dyer Team!”


photo of mrs becker and mrs boone

Educator Shirley Becker

“Mrs. Becker is a bright light! She always has a positive attitude and is willing to help out anywhere that she is needed. Her students are lucky to have a wonderful teacher like her!”


Blanche Dodd Elementary



photo of mrs bolz and jesse mccain

Student Jess McCain

“This kid has been working hard everyday! He tries to help where ever he can!”


photo of mrs bolz and shaylee kilough

Student Shaylee Kilough

“She's kind to her friend and she always tries to be the best student she can be.”



photo of mrs bolz and ms jones

Support Staff Alyssa Jones

“I am so grateful to have Ms. Jones work with students in my classroom. She does a great job with our students and is always willing to jump in and help out! She is definitely an asset to our Dodd family!”



photo of mrs bolz and mrs brown

Educator Amanda Brown

“Mrs. Brown is a great teacher who always gives her students her best. She is friendly and welcoming to everyone. She works very hard to give all of her students the best education and adapt to each student's unique needs.”


Krum Middle School


photo of mr butler and william holland

Student  William Holland

Will is having a great 8th grade year.  He has done well in athtletics and is a great supporter of his classmates at KMS. Will is always very energetic at KMS and KHS games.  He is great at taking pictures for the yearbook while cheering for the teams.”



photos of mr butler and hailey breeze parker

Student Hailey Breeze Parker

“Hailey has shown her commitment to the high standards of and expectations of KISD since Kindergarten. She has grown into an amazing student, committed to her studies, as much as her passion for Band, Art, and Ag. Her passion to learn has led to an ambitious commitment for High School and beyond, and she deserves this recognition for all of her years of hard work.”



photo of mr butler and ms steele

Support Staff Vanessa Steele

“Mrs. Steele is very invested in seeing her students succeed. Mrs. Steele is also willing to help out with anything that is needed around KMS. She is always helping others with a cheerful attitude. “



photo of mr butler and mrs yates

Educator Carrie Yates

“Mrs. Yates is very hard working. She cares about her students' success and helps us in any way she can. I think she deserves to get recognized.”

Krum High School



photo of tyson scott

Student Tyson Scott

Tyson is an incredibly hard-working student! He is always on task, and he isn't afraid to ask for help and work hard to succeed. I also saw Tyson helping a younger student during my advisory period with homework from a class he took last year. He didn't even know the student, but he was so kind to him and offered to help!”



photo of kennedy neal

Student Kennedy Neal

“Kennedy completely lights up the building with her infectiously positive attitude. She is a great student who makes our campus better. Her positivity never turns off and rubs off on her peers and teachers. She truly is an amazing young lady.”

“She is so excited about everything that goes on at school. She took the initiative to have the students fill out the cards about the teachers and posts all of the cards in the hallway.”



photo of mr craddock

Support Staff Stacey Craddock

“Stacey is always available to help with anything we need at KHS.  His devotion to KHS is inspirational.  When something breaks, he often fixes it before anyone can notice it was broken.  We are lucky to have a person like Stacey Craddock”



photo of coach gaines

Educator Bryan Gaines

“Coach Gaines goes above and beyond for all his students. His proactive attitude heads off problems before they even arise. He interacts with all students in a positive and upbeat way.”

“I would like to nominate Coach Bryan Gaines. His ability to connect with all his students is amazing. He truly wants all these kids to succeed.”



photo of ms waldrum

Support Staff Misty Waldrum

Misty is an excellent employee. She has such a positive attitude and outlook. She's worked so hard since she started in the Business Office this summer, not only learning one job but two! She's done each job successfully and effectively. We appreciate her so much and she is very deserving of the ES3 Award!”