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ES3 Awards » February ES3 Awards

February ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center ES3 Awards



"Ava Pickle is an excellent student! She’s a great helper, leader, and she has such a kind heart!"



"Jonathan Ortiz is helpful hard working, and kind to everyone"


"Ms. Esmeralda Hernandez is always so helpful and very thorough in her job. She takes pride in her work and it shows!"



"Sabrina Hendrickson is the definition of a team player...she focuses on what is best for the students. Sabrina has done a wonderful job taking on the campus counselor responsibilities, and it is evident that she enjoys what she is doing."


Hattie Dyer Elementary ES3 Awards


"Gaby Ortiz is a great leader and a coach in the classroom. She is always helping her classmates look at learning in different ways."



"Jonah Juarez is a wonderful student! He is kind and helpful to his classmates. When he sees someone in need, he is always the first t help out. He is very respectful to adults, as well as other students. Jonah works hard in class and never gives up when something is difficult!"



"As a mother of a special needs child putting them in public school for the first time I was so concerned about my child’s well-being and I know every single day that Dana Craddock goes above and beyond to meet every single need and keep me in the loop of what’s going on; Putting them in Krum was the best decision I’ve ever made."



"Mrs. Bell has been amazing this year and my son adores her. When Mrs. Bell learned that my son played baseball she asked for a copy of his schedule. Showing that interest alone was exciting for my kiddo. But, guess what? Mrs. Bell showed up to one of his games to surprise him. The happiness he expressed in response to her being there was heartwarming. I honestly did not know having a teacher come to a game would make such an impact but it did.

From supporting extracurriculars to teaching her kids patience, kindness and responsibility Mrs. Bell is there! My son has grown immensely under the care and teachings of Mrs. Heather Bell.

Thank you, Mrs. Bell, for all that you do."



Blanche Dodd Intermediate ES3 Awards


"Conor Griffin: I was a WatchDog on February 4th at Dodd. While in Mr.Hendrix’s class, I recognized this young man being polite and going out of his way to be supportive. While running laps at the track he was giving the kids support and telling them how great they are doing. In the classroom he was helping so much with his group and not having any task slow him down......he made a very good impression on me that day."



"Addison Labrum is a very hard worker, always tries her hardest, and most importantly is kind to all around her."



"Mrs. Dollins has been essential to the success of the Minecraft Writing club and planed the entire field trip. She is always around to help out before and after school. Above all her hard work, she always has an infectious positive attitude."



"Mrs.Vardell is my teacher. I want to nominate her because she is the best teacher there is! She is so kind and patient, and I am so glad she is my teacher."



Krum Middle School ES3 Awards


"Hudson Cook is a hard-working student who is very consistent with everything he does".




"Kenadee Campbell is an amazing friend, she has very good grades and tries very hard in school. She is part of our band, NJHS, student council, UIL, and much more."



"Coach Lopez is always willing to help out, without grumbling or complaining, and always with a smile. His patience is unending and unbending."



"Mrs. Humphreys always has a smile and she always knows how to make a good day even better. She is my favorite teacher that I have ever had and is a blessing in everyone's lives."


Krum High School ES3 Awards



"Lani Koiner is an exceptional member on our campus. Her involvement in our Bobcat Clutter program with our STEP students has been outstanding. The commitment, empathy, patience, and respect she provides to my students are characteristics that not only need to be recognized but rewarded; I am very proud."


"Brent Boone is always polite and is a leader on campus. He stands up for what is right and leads by example."



"Mrs. Eager has a big vision for our district and is always willing to assist whenever needed."



"The kids adore Mr. Jenkins and he makes learning enjoyable."



District ES3 Award


"Donna Smithwick works tirelessly and meticulously to ensure timely delivery of each employee's paychecks. She does it with such a positive and cheerful demeanor. Her knowledge and skills are simply amazing, as is she!"