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March ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center


photo of mrs stupka and hunter

Student: Hunter McEwan

Mr. Hunter McEwan spends every day at school giving it 110%. He not only values his own learning but is always willing to assist and help others find the love of learning. You can find Mr. Hunter always on task with a smile. He truly is a ROCKSTAR student!”


photo of mrs stupka and paisley

Student: Paisley Anderson

Paisley is a great example in the classroom. She is always willing to help others.”


photo of mrs stupka and miss sides

Support Staff: Kassidi Sides

“Kassidi steps up and helps wherever she sees a need. She has been an incredible addition to our EEC family this semester. She supports students and staff and helps them succeed no matter the task at hand. We are so glad to have her here at the EEC.”


photo of mrs stupka and mrs chisholm

Educator: Rebecca Chisholm

Mrs. Chisholm is an amazing educator. She meets the students where they are and helps them become the best learner they can be. She is supportive, loving, and kind. My child looks forward to coming to school every day, because of Mrs. Chisholm. We couldn't ask for a better teacher for our child.”

Hattie Dyer Elementary


photo of zero

Student: Zero Vida

“Zero has made huge progress this year! His attitude is fantastic, and he's a friend to everyone!”


photo of molly

Student: Molly Bell

“Molly is a joy to have in the classroom. She is a hard worker, is always helpful, and is a friend to everyone. She always has something kind to say and has a contagious smile!”


photo of mr martinez

Support Staff: Kyle Martinez

Kyle has done an excellent job of making sure our building is clean and is always willing to go above and beyond to help our teachers!”


photo of ms murphy

Educator: Courtney Murphy 

Miss Murphy does a phenomenal job of building a love of math in her students. She meets her students where they are but also pushes them to be the best mathematicians. She has helped my child love math even more. We are so lucky to have her as our child's teacher.”

Blanche Dodd Elementary


photo of mrs bolz and kinsler

Student: Kinsler Keeler

He is kind and respectful to all staff and students. He also has a thirst for knowledge but is also encouraging and inclusive to everyone. Kinsler always has a positive attitude and doesn't let others change that.”


photo of mrs bolz and sophiya

Student: Sophiya Baxter

“She comes to my class with a smile on her face. She always participates, tries her best and shows respect to her classmates. She's a true team player. Love her!”


photo of mrs bolz and mrs Biering

Support Staff: Andrea Biering

Andrea has a gentle, funny spirit that gives a positive vibe to those she works with. She is patient and loving to the students with whom she works and always finds ways to praise them and share in their success. She has a big heart and is willing to jump in and learn new things. She is always happy to help and is an extremely hard worker!”


photo of mrs bolz and mrs murray

Educator: Kristi Murray

“I am nominating Kristi because of her tireless efforts to help students read, and learn valuable life skills. Kristi spends much of her personal time, planning and researching how to be the best educator possible. As a very close friend of Kristi's, I can attest that her students and her job, come first. She goes to work early and stays late, every day, to tutor students. She puts in time on weekends for planning and research. Kristi also started a recycling program. She takes multiple bags of paper to the recycle bins every weekend, and even cleans plastic recyclables, in her kitchen sink, so they can be recycled. She works on this on her own time in the evenings. Kristi is a brilliant educator and a positive force in the Krum ISD community.”

Krum Middle School


photo of mr butler and kane

Student: Kane Summers


“Kane is an extremely hard worker, and he always has a positive can-do attitude that is an encouragement to both his teachers and peers.”



photo of mr butler and kaitlyn

Student: Kaitlyn Shebat


“Kaitlyn is well-behaved, hardworking, and respectful. She is a leader among her peers and is a great kid.”




photo of mr butler and mrs hudson

Support Staff: Brandy Hudson


Mrs. Hudson is an awesome team player at KMS. She is always there to help KMS students and staff members in a professional manner and with a positive attitude. 



photo of mr butler and mrs brock

Educator: Cathrice Brock


Mrs.Brock is a very nice, loving, and helpful teacher! She will always help you when you need help on something. She also teaches and says things very understandable and is the best math teacher I have ever had!!


Krum High School


photo of andy norero

Student: Andy Norero

Andy is always cheerful and friendly to everyone.  His positivity radiates and is contagious.”

Student: Leslie Gutierrez

Leslie works very hard and several teachers have noticed how well she performs in class while managing a full load.”

photo of brandi jones

Support Staff: Brandi Jones

She is an extremely hard worker! Cares deeply for the students! Amazing boss and co-worker!”


photo of coach baker

Educator: Richard Baker

“Coach Baker is a great coach and supportive both on and off the field”


Felipe Barrera, Ashley Blanca, Chad Boyd, Marshall Brinkman, Florencia Campusano, Yojana Cisneros, Bobby Claytor, Stacey Craddock, Bertha Gloria, Esmerelda Hernandez, Nidia Hernandez, Maria Hidalgo, Curtis Knapp, Tim Logan, Kyle Martinez, Maria Martinez, Maria Ordaz, Miguel Ordaz, Angelica Rico, Kristy Smith, Oma Smith, Alan Stottlemyre, Dickie Stottlemyre, Payton Stottlemyre, and Alma Villareal

“This group of custodians and maintenance staff worked tirelessly and diligently during the winter weather disaster to ensure our campuses were cared for and protected. Because of their dedication, our campuses suffered minimal damages, especially compared to other local districts, and we were able to come back to school as soon as the weather cleared.”