April ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center ES3 Award Winners



Leonidas Ortiz


Leonidas is a helpful, hard-working student who, always try to hard to do the right thing and encourages classmates to do the right thing.


Sahara Concepcion


Sahara is a great friend to all. She is helpful and has a positive attitude.



Bobi Lackey


Bobi is always willing to help in any capacity. She goes above and beyond on a daily basis, has an impeccable work ethic, and is always friendly.


Elizabeth Zepeda


She has always been so patient with the kids.. she has taught 3 of my kids, always doing her best... I believe she deserves to be recognized for her hard work!



Hattie Dyer Elementary ES3 Award Winners


Brady Ford


Brady is a sweet and helpful student. He is a hard worker and is a leader in the classroom.


Kamyiah Cochran


Kamyiah is full of exceptional character. She is helpful, caring, and brightens her classmates' and teachers' days. Her smile and hugs are contagious. She is diligent in her work - whether it be academic or in music, computer, or PE. She is willing to offer a helping hand to anyone, shows amazing responsibility, and is a great role model on our campus!


Brenda Hurlbut


I am so THANKFUL for Mrs. Hurlbut. She is a true asset to our campus. She is always willing to work with our students and they show tremendous growth after working with her. She always has a great attitude and is fun to be around every day.


Heather Libick


Heather helps carry our team. She is so supportive and always willing to give a hand or advice to anyone in need. She has been a blessing the past three years and I couldn't imagine third grade without her.



Blanche Dodd Intermediate ES3 Award Winners


Hayden Gilmore


This is the second year that I have had the opportunity to teach Hayden. ...This year he has emerged as a student that ALWAYS tries his best... The change I have seen in him is AMAZING and I am so proud of him and his accomplishments.


Mariana Sanchez


Mariana is a great helper! I know I can always count on her.”


Amanda Brown


Mrs. Brown is new to our campus staff, but you would never guess it. From day one, she has pitched in to help wherever she can. Her positive attitude and friendly smile are infectious to students and staff alike.


Brandon Freer


Just this school year, Brandon joined our school family. In that short time, he has built relationships with students in and out of his classroom. He creates innovative and engaging lessons that reach all levels of students. He advocates for his students, offers extra tutoring and support, and is always willing to help out his coworkers in any way he can. He has been a great addition to Dodd.



Krum Middle School ES3 Award Winners


Alex Mullins


Alex is beyond respectful and a hard worker in the classroom. He is always willing to try something new, help his peers, and follow the Bobcats Do Right environment.


Grace Turner


Grace is a very good student who is attentive to every detail. She has excellent penmanship which is rare for a middle school student. Grace works hard on her work and when she completes her daily assignments she will work on material from other classes.



Charmaine Kaumeyer


Charmaine supports the students in our STEP program. The days are physically and mentally demanding. She is so positive and continually puts the students first in all things. I couldn't imagine trying to tackle first year teaching without her. She is a wonderful person, a genuine heart and a gift to our students.


Amy Roesler


Mrs. Roesler is not only my favorite teacher, but she is just an overall awesome person!”



Krum High School ES3 Award Winners


Aiden Vollmer


Aiden is a very nice person and cares a lot about the people around him. He's so sweet and deserves this.


Brittany Alambar


Brittany is so giving to all her teammates! Brittany dives in no matter what is asked of her with both feet! I love that she is always willing to learn and try new things and stay positive,  and she shares this energy with her team as well! I have always told her that if it shows in your heart it will show in your spirit and she spreads that in all she does!



JoAnn Murdock


Mrs. Murdock is vital to the success of KHS. She goes above and beyond to make sure classes are covered when subs are in shortage, plus there are a million other reasons we could list. She is always smiling, even when it may be difficult.


Michelle Brock


Mrs. Brock goes above and beyond to support, motivate, and engage her students. She can be found before and after school tutoring students, and the thinking of her students is visible in work posted on her walls and in the hallways. She happily shares all of her ideas, and she is a kind, supportive colleague. We are blessed to have her in our district!