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April ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center


mrs stupka and christopher nunez

Student: Christopher Nunez

Christopher has shown a lot of growth this school year. He is a sweet friend and always has a great attitude towards his peers and teachers.”


mrs stupka and kailey peifer

Student Kailey Peifer

“Kailey is a sweet student who works hard to help others and her teacher. She is kind, caring, and thoughtful.”


mrs stupka and ms white

Support Staff: Kim White

“Kim genuinely wears so many hats at the EEC Campus! She is kind, dedicated and knows and loves each of our students! I am so appreciative of the hard work she does every day, it does not go unnoticed!”


mrs stupka and mr goodman

Educator: Kevin Goodman

“Mr. Goodman is such a friendly face around the EEC Campus! He is always greeting students and former students every time he sees them! I love the heart he has for his first grade students and the commitment and dedication he shows to his team! We just love Mr Goodman!”

Hattie Dyer Elementary


mrs boone and cash bliss

Student: Cash Bliss

Cash is a wonderful student. He works well with his classmates, tries his best, follows rules, is polite, kind, and thoughtful. He is the type of student I can always depend on.”


mrs boone and diana lupercio-becerra

Student: Diana Lupercio-Becerra

“Diana is a sweet student and classmate, who always works hard and gives her all to whatever she is doing.”


mrs boone and mrs carns

Support Staff: Kim Carns

“Mrs. Carns is a wonderful addition to our campus this year. She has found ways to help all of our students and children in ways that really support and create that comfortable and safe environment. We are so thankful for her!”


mrs boone and ms thorpe

Educator: Ashley Thorpe

“Mrs. Thorpe is a wonderful teacher who cares deeply for her students. She is passionate about education and advocates for her students. She challenges her students by providing rigorous instruction while supporting them along the way to be successful. My child has grown so much this year in reading thanks to the support Mrs. Thorpe has given him. She is an amazing teacher!”

Blanche Dodd Elementary


mrs bolz and elijah banks

Student: Elijah Banks

Elijah is a good friend to everyone and he tries his best in all that he does. He sees good in everyone and a rule follower.”


mrs bolz and kennedy sides

Student: Kennedy Sides

Kennedy is an amazing student! She works hard and is extremely responsible. Kennedy is a great leader for her peers. She is helpful to all kids and teachers.”


mrs bolz and mrs biering

Support Staff: Andrea Biering

“Mrs. B is my son's paraprofessional and "school mom". She has been with him through so much this year and is always patient, loving, and energetic. Her dedication to [him] for his sensory, emotional, and social needs is second to none. She daily goes above and beyond to ensure that Kellen is happy, safe, and learning at his pace and level. Mrs. B is a shining example of the difference educators can make in the lives of our kiddos.”

“Mrs. B is always up beat, and always willing to be flexible. She works in a difficult classroom setting, and the environment has evolved multiple times, this year. She is always willing to change whenever the need arises. Her students are mentally and physically demanding, but she always does her work with a smile. She has great communication with her teaching staff and parents. We all appreciate her as a co-worker!”


mrs bolz and mrs warner

Educator: Britt Warner

“My stepson was missing after school today. He should have stayed after school for UIL but forgot and went as a walker to where I would normally pick him up. When I got to Dodd to pick up and realized he wasn’t there Mrs.Warner immediately jumped in to take charge of communication and help find him. Zero hesitation or waiting she just immediately jumped in to help me physically look for him around Krum. She handled communication with Krum PD so that I and his other parents could call and get word out to others to continue searching. She took time to reassure me and help calm me down. It’s very difficult to put into words how big of a difference she made this evening but I think it just continue to speak to her character and her love for this town and school district. I know she played a big part in organizing the fundraiser for another Dodd student who is having health struggles and frequently on the day to day school life I have heard my kids mention how kind she is. She deserves recognition for all of her hard work and everything she does for the kids of Krum. I’ll never forget her help this evening and am thankful Krum ISD has someone like her on my child’s campus. “

Mrs. Warner is always willing to help others and has done an amazing job at building relationships with her students as well as the teachers and paras.”

Krum Middle School


mr butler and dylan thomas

Student: Dylan Thomas

“Dylan has improved so much in math class this year. This is due to his hard work and persistent attitude. Dylan is always respectful to his peers and to his teachers.”


mr butler and samarah peterson

Student: Samarah Peterson

“Since the first day of school, Samarah has been an outstanding student. Along with her impressive work ethic, she is always kind and helpful to her classmates and teachers. She is an excellent example of a hard-working, well-behaved student and KMS is lucky to have her! Miss Peterson is always prepared for class, pays attention, and is kind to others.”


mr butler and ms newton

Support Staff: Randie Newton

Ms. Newton has a heart of gold and is answering her calling. She is a great paraprofessional/sub and will make an excellent teacher one day. She goes above and beyond for her students. She loves big and is loved by her students and peers. She arrives early and stays late when needed. She trys to attend all extracurricular events and activities of her students. She is very patient and relates well to her students at KMS. She is positive and always smiling. KMS is blessed with her as part of the team.”


mr butler and mrs gonzalez

Educator: Sharon Gonzalez

Mrs. Gonzales consistently goes out of her way to plan amazing lessons for her students. She also goes above and beyond to take care of students and other staff members. I know I would have had a much more difficult time adjusting to a new school district if it were not for her!”

Krum High School


mr white and william johnson

Student: William Johnson

“William is a student who that although is sometimes shy and quiet, is a friend to everyone. He will go out of his way time and time again to help a fellow classmate. William always shows up with a positive attitude, and consistently checks in on his classmates and teachers. William leads by example and is an awesome role model as to the type of character Krum students should strive for.”


mr white and mallory jonas

Student: Mallory Jonas

“Mallory comes to class each day prepared to do whatever activity is assigned. She is amazing with our STEP students, she is patient and kind. Mallory always shows up with a smile on her face and makes class a little more enjoyable for those around her. She stands out in a class of 48 PE students.”


mr white and mrs beall

Support Staff: Jackie Beall

“Mrs. Beall wears many hats for us at KHS. Her attention to detail in keeping our attendance records is exceptional. She also creates a pleasant environment for our parents and guests who visit our school. There are times that she must shuffle several tasks and needs coming at one time. Her professionalism and hard work are a great example for us all.”


mr white and coach rickner

Educator: Bo Rickner

“Coach Rickner is a great teacher and coach. He goes out of his way to work with you. He does a wonderful job in creating positive relationships with his students while challenging them to think at a higher level.”



charlotte summers

Support Staff: Charlotte Summers

“Charlotte isn't seen a lot because she is behind the scenes taking care of all the day to day software, doors and many other things that keep the systems running within the district. She has many years of experience and is very meticulous with her work, making sure everyone has what they need. She is a friendly face within the district and puts in many hours to make sure others are taken care of. Charlotte is a huge asset to all of us and she is greatly appreciated!”