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April ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center


photo of mrs stupka and anderson

Student: Anderson Hatch

Anderson is a hard worker. He is always using a growth mindset in everything he does. He stays on task and finishes his work. Anderson models good citizenship in all parts of school. He is always willing to help others and be a great friend to his classmates.”


photo of mrs stupka and kinsley

Student: Kinsley Harris

“Kinsley is the sweetest soul! She loves everyone! She is such a teacher pleaser.”


photo of mrs stupka, mrs basham, and ms white

Support Staff: Jaclyn Basham and Kim White

“Kim and Jaclyn are amazing! They step up and step in to help every single day - no matter the need! They are the first friendly face a parent sees or meets when they enter the EEC, they are happy to answer questions or help parents over the phone. They support staff and students and are always willing to go the extra mile. They take care of issues before I know it’s an issue. They stay late, come in early, and worked so hard to create a successful Pre-K and Kindergarten Kickoff! They are essential parts of the EEC and I am so thankful for them both! “


photo of mrs stupka and mrs martin

Educator: Marian Martin 

“I'm thankful Mrs. Martin is my 1st-grade son’s teacher. He has absolutely thrived and has learned so much. She has worked diligently to keep us informed of what is happening and what our kiddos need to work on. When our class was quarantined she switched easily and the transition was easier for the students and parents. Mrs. Martin has made first grade a lot of fun for our kiddos and a system to help them learn how to read. 

She is very deserving of this award!"

Hattie Dyer Elementary

photo of mrs boone and yael

Student: Yael Landeros

Yael is the ideal student. He is dedicated to his schoolwork and learning. He is a fantastic classmate and is always willing to have meaningful discussions and assist his tablemates whenever necessary. Yael is funny and polite and I love having him in my class!”


photo of mrs boone and harper

Student: Harper Stout

“Harper is an extremely hard worker in class. She tries her best and puts effort and care into every assignment. She is also a helpful classmate and a very loving student.”


photo of mrs boone and mrs hurlbut

Support Staff: Brenda Hurlbut

“Mrs. Hurlbut is a quiet hero on our campus. She is a resource to teachers, plays an important role on our RtI committee, and is always ready to lend a hand when she sees a need. Most importantly, she serves our students with skill, determination, and heart. Mrs. Hurlbut is a treasure to our campus.”


photo of mrs boone and mrs dillon

Educator: Michele Dillon

“Mrs. Dillon could be just the MOST amazing, thoughtful, caring, encouraging, and PRECIOUS teachers that I have EVER been in contact with. She gives her WHOLE heart to our children and CONTINUES to love and encourage them beyond her classroom. My daughter was in her class last year, and last night she called her to encourage her about the STAAR test today. I love this lady SO much. She deserves every award offered! Please bless this precious teacher!!”

Blanche Dodd Elementary


photo of mrs bolz and maddox

Student: Maddox Miller

He helps me in math and he tries his best in everything he does.”


photo of mrs bolz and tatum

Student: Tatum Step

“She works super hard and has a great attitude doing it!”


photo of mrs bolz and mrs harrison

Support Staff: Julie Harrison

“Ms. Harrison is the welcoming voice and smile at Dodd Elementary.  She greets students, staff, and visitors with a warm welcome and is quick to find out how she can help them.  She never hesitates to take on additional responsibility to keep our school running smoothly and its occupants happy.  She is an amazing asset to our Dodd family!”


photo of mrs bolz and mrs blocker

Educator Kristin Blocker

“Mrs. Blocker is a cornerstone of Dodd Elementary.  She not only teaches dyslexia classes at Dodd, but she also does all dyslexia testing for the district.  She serves as the campus UIL coordinator and has done a fantastic job organizing and planning for our campus competitions.  In addition, she serves as the NEHS sponsor for the Dodd campus.  We are grateful to have her as part of our Dodd team! “

Krum Middle School


photo of mr butler and asher

Student: Asher Owens

Asher is a motivated and hardworking student. He is a respectful young man that is always looking for ways to be helpful with classmates and teachers.  “


photo of mr butler and addison

Student: Addison Martindale

“Addison shows up every day ready to work.  I truly believe she makes her team and teammates better- just by her positive attitude and work ethic.  Addison does all the little things that most people think go unnoticed. During basketball season, she would always make sure all the basketballs were picked up and would clean up water bottles from the bleachers without being asked.  Addison leads by her actions.”


photo of mr butler and ms johnson

Support Staff: Carrie Johnson

“Mrs. Johnson is always looking for ways to be an advocate for the students she serves. She always does whatever is needed with a positive attitude!”


photo of mr butler and mrs banks

Educator: Tricia Banks

“She is a great teacher, she can work well under pressure, and she deserves the award for putting in all the hard work to help us.”

Krum High School

photo of william

Student: William Henderson

William is a pleasure to have in class.  He has a positive attitude and is always prepared.  He is always willing to do what is asked of him.”


photo of keona

Student: Keona Ayala

“Keona has been an excellent student at KHS. She is involved in choir and her teachers often comment about her level of maturity and willingness to do the right thing, even in difficult situations.”


photo of mrs perdue

Support Staff: Miriam Perdue

“Mrs. Perdue is so kind and helpful.  She thinks of others and is willing to help in any situation.  She is detailed oriented and has a true servant’s heart.”


photo of mrs buchanan

Educator: Melinda Buchanan

“Mrs. Buchanan is just the sweetest person ever!! She is so kind and is always willing to help her students in any way! I love having her as a teacher and she will always have a special place in my heart.”