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ES3 Awards » May ES3 Awards

May ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center
Student: Lucas Mohammadi
"Lucas Mohammadi is a great candidate for the ES3 awards. He is kind to everyone, students and teachers alike. He works hard daily and is constantly striving to do the right thing - for the entire school year!"
Student: Kaylee Sivertsen
"Kaylee has learned so much this year in kindergarten and has been such a wonderful worker. She is always helpful with her classmates and teacher and has the most positive attitude towards every situation."
Support Staff: Sarah Villareal
"She is always willing to fill in where ever needed. She is a team player who loves our students"
Educator: Lindsey Masterson
"Lindsey is a TEAM player! She is always willing to go above and beyond whatever the need may be."
Hattie Dyer Elementary
Student: Austin Russell
"Austin is a wonderful student! He is helpful, respectful, and kind. Austin befriends other students who struggle to make friends. He is patient, forgiving, and a great teammate/partner. He is the first to do anything that is asked of the class and always makes sure that our classroom is clean and organized. I am so glad he is in my class!"
Student: Molly Pass
"Molly is very nice and gets along with everyone. She is always happy to help other students around her. Every day after school she holds the door for all the students to walk out of the school for the pick-up line."
Support Staff: Kathie Sturgeon
"Kathie is such a gift to our campus and families of our students.  No one passes by her without feeling special, and she takes time to get to truly learn about everyone she meets.  She is genuine and delightful!"
Educator: Christine Thomson
"Mrs. Thomson is a valuable member of our third-grade team. She is a great organizer and is able to put ideas into action. She has a passion for her students and providing what is best for them. Mrs. Thomson is definitely a blessing for our campus!"
Blanche Dodd Intermediate
Student: Blace Counts
"Has the kindest heart a 9-year-old could have."
Student: Scarlett Losh
"Scarlett is very deserving of this award. She is a great student. She is very respectful to all teachers, staff and other students. She loves to help anyone in need at any time."
Special Education Educator: Britt Warner
"Mrs. Warner is a life skills special education teacher who pours out her heart into these kids lives and forms a special bond to children no one else can get through to. She builds relationships with the parents to best understand and meet their needs."
Educator: Jessica Mohammadi
"She is a great teacher for math.  We love her!"
Krum Middle School
Student: Dylan Sanders
"I could write a book on this young man! Dylan is a wonderful student.  He is inquisitive, speaks up for his beliefs, and works hard to reach the high expectations he sets for himself…This young man has an extremely bright future ahead of him."
Student: Alessandra Gonzalez
“Alessandra is a quick thinker.  She loves to be creative and uses her quick mind and creativity to create wonderful projects. She is great at goal setting, managing her time, and completing projects that are reflective of her academic excellence… She is involved at KMS and makes others around her feel welcomed… She is exactly what teachers look for in a student.”
Support Staff: Miriam Perdue
"Mrs. Perdue is an extremely talented and dedicated member of the KMS office staff. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure teachers, students, and administration have the support they need. She is a person of the highest integrity and a great role model for the KMS community. "
Educator: Dale Metcalf
"Coach Metcalf is the BEST COACH EVER!!!!!!!!!! She is always so sweet and nice. She has taught me A LOT about volleyball and basketball too. She is always respectful to kids and other coaches. She makes learning sometimes boring drills lots of fun to do, so we learn more. She always encourages me to try my best and be the best and most respectful athlete I can be. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say she DESERVES THIS AWARD THE MOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Krum High School
Student: Chance Sneed
"Chance is a sophomore that has made two Varsity teams this year and maintains pretty good grades. Even when he is sitting on the sidelines, he still cheers and encourages every player!"
Student: Caitlin Hurlbut
"Caitlin has a very sweet spirit about her. Recently I had an occasion to spend time with her. She was very caring and helpful to a younger girl that really needed her help. There are lots of good kids in this world and Caitlin is one of them."
Support Staff: Patrick Griggs
"Mr. Griggs is new to our campus but is always willing to lend a helping hand with a smile on his face. He has made connections with students and is making a positive impact on our campus."
Educator: Jon Lopez
"Coach Lopez does a fabulous job coaching the Middle School, J.V. and Varsity Tennis teams. All of his teams are successful in a district that is getting more competitive in tennis. He ensures that all the teams participate in matches even though it means he has to spend many evenings away from his family. Coach Lopez always has a positive attitude, and his players know that he cares for them. Our district benefits from Coach Lopez's dedication and determination to making Krum Tennis successful. Thank you, Coach Lopez, for all you do!!"
Support Staff: Ashley Doyal
"Ashley is very dependable and is dedicated to her job at Krum ISD. She takes it very seriously. She loves the students and strives to do her best for them."