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May ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center

wesley gates and mrs stupka


Student: Wesley Gates

“Wesley just joined us here at the EEC and even though he is new he is a great example in class. He is also kind, respectful, and is willing to help out when needed!”

emilee kilough and mrs stupka


Student: Emilee Kilough

“Emilee is a very well rounded student. She helps her teacher daily from helping organize the room, to passing out paperwork, to helping other students and welcoming new students with open arms while always having a smile on her face. She is truly a joy to have at the EEC!”

mrs hendrickson and mrs stupka

Support Staff: Sabrina Hendrickson

“Mrs. Hendrickson knows and cares for each and every student at the EEC. She recognizes their needs and does anything she can to serve them. She supports our staff and steps in and helps anywhere she might be needed. She is truly a big part of our EEC family and we are so blessed to have her!”

mrs mcdonald and mrs stupka

Educator: Katie McDonald

“Katie is a HUGE asset to Krum ISD as a whole. She is always eager to lend advice and collaborate with others, regardless of the campus that they belong to. Katie can come up with ideas to help remedy a situation on the spot and they are ALWAYS so clever and useful! She has the student's best interest at heart. Katie is deserving of this recognition for her consistent desire to help others and the useful knowledge that she shares with us all!”

Hattie Dyer Elementary

easton silva and mrs boone

Student: Easton Silva

“Easton is an amazing example of hard work and dedication. Easton puts forth his best effort in his school work. He is always willing to help out not only his teacher, but his classmates as well. He has grown so much as a student this year. We are so lucky to have him as part of our school community.”

abbey wilson and mrs boone

Student: Abbey Wilson

“Abbey is such a hard worker always trying her best at everything she does. She is an amazing leader in the classroom always finding ways to help her teacher and her classmates.”

mrs schertz and mrs boone

Support Staff: Dawn Schertz

“Mrs. Schertz is a blessing to Dyer. She goes above and beyond for her students, collaborates with other teachers, and is always willing to help. She wears many hats in our building, and she shares her knowledge and passion to help students become better readers.”

mrs reed and mrs boone

Educator: Kim Reed

“Mrs. Reed is a wonderful teacher and colleague. When you walk by her room, you can instantly see the fun her students have in her class. She is always on the hunt to find just the right lesson to help her students, and she will drop anything to help a fellow teacher. She's a positive staff member and a great leader on campus.”

Blanche Dodd Elementary

austen ruffer and mrs boone

Student: Austen Ruffer

“Austen participates, tries his best, has a great attitude, and shows amazing teamwork. I love working with him each and every time he comes to class.”

aubrey netterville and mrs bolz

Student: Aubrey Netterville

“Aubrey participates, tries her best, has a great attitude, and shows amazing teamwork. I love working with her each and every time she comes to class.”

mrs leonard and mrs bolz

Support Staff: Kathy Leonard

“Mrs. Leonard goes above and beyond to help the students, parents, and staff members at Dodd Elementary.  She demonstrates hospitality and a knack for making people feel special.  She keeps everyone laughing and smiling.”

mrs mo and mrs bolz

Educator: Jessica Mohammadi 

“She helped foster a love of Math in my own child that he never had prior to having her as a Math teacher. He said she teaches in a way that makes it easy to understand, and is "no nonsense". I am very thankful for her helping my son thrive!”

Krum Middle School

jacob john and ms woods

Student: Jacob John  

“Jacob is a great student. He is also a great artist, attentive, and always a role model for his peers.”

kennedy carlson and ms woods

Student: Kennedy Carlson 

“Kennedy is a hard working student that takes pride in the work she does. She helps and encourages her classmates whenever she can and always has a positive attitude”. 

mr logan and ms woods

Support Staff: Tim Logan 

“Mr. Logan does a great job supporting the staff and students at KMS. He is there to fix things with a positive attitude whenever we need him!”

mrs gonzalez and ms woods

Educator: Sharon Gonzalez.

“Mrs. Gonzalez's students and the 7th grade team of teachers can always count on her for support.   She is willing to work hard for those around her to be successful.”

Krum High School

phoenix stevens

Student: Phoenix Stevens

“Phoenix is always friendly and full of school spirit.  Every morning he holds open the front door and greets students and staff as they enter.”

sierra sanford

Student: Sierra Sanford

“Sierra is smart, dedicated, ambitious, and strives for excellence.”

caryl haddock

Support Staff: Caryl Haddock

“Mrs. Haddock is so positive and kind to staff and students.  Her students adore her and she makes a big difference.”

carl hollums

Educator: Carl Hollums

“Mr. Hollums is a dedicated teacher, encouraging his students to strive to do their best.”