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May ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center



mrs stupka and ben baucom

Student: Ben Baucom

Ben was new to our campus in December! He has been a joy and a wonderful addition to our classroom. Ben is an amazing leader and is always setting examples for his friends not only in our class, but during recess with other classes as well! I am thankful for Ben’s smile and have enjoyed watching him bloom throughout these few months!”



mrs stupka and wiley leverett

Student: Wiley Leverett

“Wiley Leverett has been an absolute joy in kindergarten this year. He has a smile on his face everyday and finds a way to keep his friends and teacher smiling as well. He has grown exponentially in his social interactions and has blown me away in his academic progress as well. I am so proud of Wiley!”



mrs stupka and jaclyn basham

Support Staff: Jaclyn Basham

“Jaclyn is the friendly face that greets you and the sweet voice that answers your phone call. She truly goes out her way to make every visitor feel welcome and every person know they are part of the EEC family!”



mrs stupka and katie heffron

Educator: Katie Heffron

“Ms. Heffron has been the absolute best kindergarten teacher for my son! She has gone above and beyond to make his first year the best year of school! She is kind and has always been amazing at communication. She gives praises and helps students when they need it!”


Hattie Dyer Elementary



mrs boone and axel flores

Student: Axel Flores

“Axel is amazing. He sets an excellent example for others to follow every day. Axel goes out of his way to help others and our school without being asked. As an example, he picks up any trash he sees on the playground before he begins to play. He is a young man who loves learning and is determined to learn all he can to make the world a better place. The world needs more Axels.”

“Axel is an amazing student that cares for everyone and loves to learn. In fact, he requested summer school for himself so that he can continue improving his English skills. Additionally, Axel picks up trash on the playground before he begins his recess time. He is a great student and role model for others.”



mrs boone and addison carrube

Student: Addison Carrube

“Addie works hard in everything she does! She plays select softball outside of school. She is a member of the NEHS where she puts in more hours than necessary, she is a part of GT, and she handles it all effortlessly! On top of all of her successes, she is also a great friend, daughter, and big sister!!”



mrs boone and aly callaway

Support Staff: Aly Callaway

Mrs. Callaway is ALWAYS willing to do "whatever it takes!" She is a team player, everyone's biggest cheerleader, a coach when needed, and isn't afraid to be a referee for a good game of soccer with our students.  She is a gift to the Dyer campus!”



mrs boone and kim reed

Educator: Kim Reed

“Mrs. Reed finds a wonderful balance between having fun with her class and challenging them with rigorous activities.  She offers her expertise in technology to all colleagues, is supportive, helpful, and always willing to lend a hand - whether it be with a family night, career day, UIL, or just a lesson idea.  Former students constantly stop and say hi to Mrs. Reed in the halls at Dyer, and that is a testament to the impact she has had on her students, past and present”


Blanche Dodd Elementary



mrs bolz and zeke koshatka

Student: Zeke Koshatka

“How outstanding Zeke has been in class for several weeks now! He has been conscientious, kind, following procedures, and paying close attention while I have been reviewing Math for the STAAR. I have been so impressed with his behavior and his kind nature."


mrs bolz and mackenzie harris

Student: Mackenzie Harris

Mackenzie is an excellent student. She is eager to learn and always gives 100%. She not only is a great student, but has such a kind heart.”



mrs bolz and leti espinoza

Support Staff: Leti Espinoza

“Ms. Leti has made a positive impact in nearly every class on campus. She prioritizes relationship and character building in every student she works with. Leti never hesitates to go anywhere she is needed. Her drive and love for all the children at Dodd make her an integral part of the Bobcat family! We are so lucky to have her!”

“Leti brings so much joy to our campus! She always shows up ready for whatever the day throws at her and does it effortlessly! She makes us laugh, is incredible with the students and an overall positive asset to our campus! We are truly blessed to have her as part of our family each day!”



mrs bolz and kaylie gatewood

Educator: Kaylie Gatewood

“She has done a great job with our 3rd grader in his first year of a STAAR tested grade.”

“My son has come leaps and bounds with math and manners.”


Krum Middle School



ms vasquez and eli yeager

Student: Eli Yeager

“I have the privilege of having Eli in two different classes this year. No matter which classroom he is in, Eli is giving 100%. He is a quiet student but is always intensely focused on the lesson and willing to participate in classroom discussions. Eli takes pride in his work and getting it done correctly and on time. When given a task (whether it is math work or jogging laps on the track), he will do it with all his heart.”



ms vasquez and amelia sprague

Student: Amelia Sprague

“Amelia is an ideal student. She is happy every day and includes others in activities. She strives for excellence and serves those in her community.”



ms vasquez and brandy hudson

Support Staff: Brandy Hudson

“Brandy is always willing to help out where needed.  She helps with tasks quickly and efficiently.  She is willing to help out with students and in classes when needed and does all this with a smile.”



ms vasquez and kameron hill

Educator: Kameron Hill

“Kameron Hill is an amazing, dedicated, and hard-working teacher/coach at Krum M.S. Coach Hill has excellent classroom management skills which translates to the relationships he has built with his students. Coach Hill has the same passion and work ethic is shared from the classroom to the field. This is why I feel Coach Hill would be an excellent candidate for the ES3 Awards.”

“I am sending this letter of support for Coach Hill for the ES3 district award. Over this past school year, I have noticed Coach Hill's positive attitude and dedication to his student-athletes. You would never know that Coach Hill was a first-year educator! He is very professional and has earned full respect from his students. Coach Hill is an amazing coach, educator, and a huge asset for Krum ISD!”

“Coach Hill has been a great asset to Krum ISD. I haven't encountered a parent nor a student-athlete who hasn't adored him. Not only is he relatable to the students as a coach and teacher his experience speaks volumes. We can only hope Coach Hill will be around for all the years to come.”


Krum High School


mr white and taylor kern

Student: Taylor Kern

“Taylor is a great example for others.  He is involved in several sports and does an outstanding job in the classroom.  Taylor is easy to be around because he is kind and cares about others.”



mr white and micaela hanshew

Student: Micaela Hanshew

“Micaela was new to KHS this year.  She has jumped in and made a difference in only a year.  She is been involved in several school organizations.  She is always willing to help and support others.  I have often noticed that she is a friendly face as I pass her in the halls between classes.  Thanks for being you, Micaela!”



mr white and katie bailey

Support Staff: Katie Bailey

“Mrs. Bailey is not only a great help at our school, but also someone that makes coming to work fun.  She is happy and supportive of students, staff, and parents.  She is a perfectionist and that is what makes her such a great registrar.  We are lucky to have her!”



mr white and darrell jenkins

Educator: Darrell Jenkins

“Mr. Jenkins is amazing. Journaling is a part of his class. I believe that he has read and made valuable comments on my child's writing each and every time. As a fellow educator, I know how much time and effort that takes. I really appreciate that about him.”





dale doyal

Support Staff: Dale Doyal

Dale does an amazing job of getting multiple vehicles assigned and maintained. Nobody completely understands the logistics of what he does. He takes care of last minute schedules, athletics, bus routes and any other transportation needs. I appreciate all that Dale does to make sure that KISD employee needs are taken care of in the transportation world.”