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September ES3 Winners

Krum Early Education Center

jaxon karch
Jaxon Karch
Jaxon has only been in Kindergarten for two and a half weeks, but he is already showing leadership skills.He is constantly striving to do the right thing even when others around him are not.He is respectful and kind to his peers and teachers.I am proud of him and I know he will continue to grow into a true leader as he continues his education at the EEC!
Paisley Hester
"Paisley is in 1st grade and already she is sweet, helpful, and excited about learning!"
christina wilson
Christina Wilson
“She is a breath of fresh air. She is always being seen doing things as a team member would. She is so patient and great with the kids!...She has the most positive attitude and never complains.”
lorie sprague
Lorie Sprague
"Mrs. Sprague goes above and beyond for her students. She always makes sure to encourage each of them in their particular strengths and remains positive... She is very dedicated to the EEC and loves and adores her students as if they are her own. So blessed she gets to be my son's teacher."

Hattie Dyer Elementary 

pacer attaway
Pacer Attaway
"Pacer is new to our school but he has found his place very quickly! He takes on the role of a leader in his class as well as always setting a good example."
gracie links
Gracie Links
"Gracie is a student that is always polite to adults and kind to her peers. She is willing to help out when she's asked, and most of the time is asking if she can do things for others. Her attitude about her classwork is always positive which always makes a teacher's job easier. Gracie brings joy to the classroom with her smiles and laughter."
theresa jonas
Theresa Jonas
"Mrs. Jonas is always helpful and willing to do whatever someone needs. She always has a smile for the kiddos!"
erika wilson
Erika Wilson
"Mrs. Wilson is always collaborating and sharing ideas with her team. She is an amazing team player and is always supportive. You will never see her without a smile on her face."

Blanche Dodd Elementary 

ethan shebat
Ethan Shebat
"He is AMAZINGLY creative and a very responsible student. He always helps a person in need and always has a positive attitude."
sophia johnson
Sophia Johnson
"This kid has the most kind and caring heart."
coreen yokatake
Coreen Yokatake
"Coreen is always making sure the kids get the best food and the best service."
jason fielder
Jason Fielder
"Mr. Fielder has an amazing, positive attitude every time you see him. He treats all of the kids with dignity and respect. He truly cares about empowering every student with a desire to learn. He is enthusiastic and fair. He has a passion for teaching and it is so clearly demonstrated in every interaction with students and parents. He is truly a gifted educator."

Krum Middle School

Reid Blakney
"Reid is a good student because he is always prepared for class, he is actively engaged and willing to learn each and every day... Reid is charismatic and fun to have in the classroom. He is always ready to participate in our class activities and provide leadership."
gloria calixto-hernandez
Gloria Calixton-Hernandez
"She has a great positive attitude in my classroom. She is very helpful to her peers."
brandy hudson
Brandy Hudson
"Brandy is a wonderful addition to the KMS office staff. She always has a positive attitude and is happy to help with anything that is needed."
amy jones-lesley
Amy Jones-Lesley
"I am nominating Ms. Lesley because she is very fair and she makes sure everyone understands the assignments we do. She is also making her own plan for the advanced English class."

Krum High School

peter boneberger
Peter Bonenberger
"Peter came home from school on day three, he had just taken school supplies to school that day. He told me that he would be needing more school supplies because he had given some of his away to other kids that needed them."
jadin forrest
Jadin Forrest
"She is just so nice." 
brandi jones
Brandi Jones
"I witnessed her working with a student who had lots of personal needs. She made it a point to make the student feel comfortable and went above and beyond to meet her social/emotional needs in a private and respectful way. She is extremely kind and caring and makes a positive difference for our children!"
brandon huff
Brandon Huff
"He has taught me things no one else could in the past four years."


steven downs
Steven Downs
"Steven is always there to help KMS when we have issues with technology. He is always friendly and has a smile on his face. Even if we accidentally caused the technical problem he has to fix; He does his job with a smile and works very hard to make sure we are all up and running or taking time to make sure he can fix the problem. He's a great asset to Krum ISD."