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September ES3 Winners

Krum Early Education Center


photo of mason and mrs stupka

Student: Mason Lombardi

"Mason is an excellent student.  He came into kindergarten ready to be awesome!!  Mason always follows the rules in our class and is kind and caring towards his classmates.  I'm so proud to nominate him for student of the month!"


photo of augusta and mrs stupka

Student: Augusta Cook

"Augusta is always so kind and helpful when her classmates need help."


photo of mrs brown and mrs stupka

Support Staff: Karon Brown

"She is such a hard worker and team player. During the first few weeks of school, we always have to cook the food for the Child Care.  She knew we were crazy busy just trying to figure out everything with COVID and went out of her way to get it all ready each day.  On days when she had meetings or other obligations, she apologized that she wouldn't be here to do our lunch. She is one of the absolute sweetest people I know. She not only goes over and beyond for us (the Child Care) but everyone else in this building. Karon is always positive with the kids and staff.

I think she is very deserving to be recognized as our first ES3 winner! I can't thank her enough for all that she does for our program, this campus, and the district. We are very lucky to have her."


photo of mrs newcomb and mrs stupka

Educator: Jennifer Newcomb

"Jennifer has remained positive within challenging and difficult situations due to COVID. She truly has stepped up and carried a huge load for the 1st-grade team along with many of her other peers! I am thankful to work next to someone that is able to get the job done no matter how challenging it may seem as well as helping out her new teammates this year!  I truly am inspired to be a better educator when I am around her!"


Hattie Dyer Elementary


photo of sam fowler

Student: Sam Fowler

"He has been an exceptional role model from the first day of school.  He is kind, caring, helpful, and an extremely hard worker in class.  He always has a smile on his face and is a bright spot in my day, when he makes me laugh.  I'm so lucky to have him in my classroom this year!"


photo of launa barrientez

Student: Launa Barrientez.

"Launa is a very hard worker and is a great leader in the classroom by helping other students."


photo of mrs puckett and students

Support Staff: Erica Puckett

"Mrs. Puckett is new to Dyer, and has been such a joy since day one!  She is positive, enthusiastic, and willing to do whatever it takes to do an amazing job.  She goes above and beyond in ALL that she does...Mrs. Puckett is definitely a gift to the Dyer campus!"


photo of mrs mcgraw

Educator: Krystie McGraw

"Mrs. McGraw is a phenomenal teacher! She is loving, caring and above all else an awesome educator. My son has been fortunate to have had her the last two years and again this school year. She has always been exceptional In communication and teaching my son in ways that keep him interested. She went above and Beyond during the time when there was so much uncertainty that we all faced with remote learning during the last school year. We are blessed to have her as a teacher in the Krum school district."



Blanche Dodd Elementary

photo of milo and mrs bolz

Student: Milo Ibarra

"Milo is such a gentleman.  He always uses polite language such as please and thank you.  He speaks to his teachers and other adults in a respectful manner and always greets others with a smile.  We are so proud of him for demonstrating the character trait of respect."

photo of davlyn and mrs bolz

Student: Davlyn Hillard

"Davlyn practices honesty and integrity.  When she found $20.00 on the floor, she immediately took it to the office to turn in.  We are so proud of her for demonstrating the character trait of trustworthiness!"


photo of mrs goff and mrs mayfield

Support Staff: Jamie Goff

"Mrs. Goff is such an asset to the staff and students at Dodd.  She is mentoring two new paraprofessionals this year and works endlessly to find ways to best meet the needs of the students she serves.  She is creative and willing to step in to do anything asked of her."



photo of mrs middleton and mrs bolz

Educator: Erin Middleton

"Mrs. Middleton is teaching all of the 2nd and 3rd-grade remote learners this year.  She has found engaging strategies to keep her students on track and keep the learning fun.  She is a technology master and often provides assistance to other teachers as we all learn the ins and outs of the remote learning world.  She has digitized our afternoon dismissal process and has created several digital resources for our staff.  She is an amazing asset to our campus."




Krum Middle School


photo of alyssa burns

Student: Alyssa Burns

"Alyssa is always on the zoom meetings, participates in all class activities and even helps other online learners in her class by answering questions and working with them.  She has even shared her activities with her family.  She always smiles and says hello at the beginning of each zoom."


photo of alex fowler

Student: Alexander Fowler

"Alex is rocking learning. He is doing a wonderful job keeping up with his classes, turning in his work, and communicating with his teachers."


photo of mrs henderson

Support Staff: Sarah Kate Henderson

"Mrs. Henderson has been a great addition to the KMS front office. She has adapted to life in a middle school front office quickly and contributes to a helpful and friendly environment at KMS."


photo of mrs wojciak

Educator: Page Wojciak

"Mrs. Wojciak is going above and beyond to ensure the needs of in-person and remote learners.  Whether it is extra zooms sessions or making sure students have their composition notebooks, Mrs. Wojciak is exhibiting a whatever it takes attitude."



Krum High School


photo of jake cook

Student: Jake Cook

"Jake is a leader in both the classroom and extracurricular realm.  He is respectful of peers and staff and demonstrates the true Bobcat Spirit of giving one's best every day."


photo of genesis martinez

Student: Genesis Martinez

"Genesis makes service a priority whether it's cleaning the stands after football games or helping with campus beautification.    Her spirit is filled with kindness and energy.  She brings joy to KHS."



photo of jennifer norie

Support Staff: Jennifer Norie

"Mrs. Norie has been a paraprofessional at KHS for three years and continues to help and assist whenever needed.  She helps find solutions to problems and is willing to help at a moment's notice.  We are thankful for her willingness to serve our campus."


photo of emily vincent

Educator: Emily Vincent

"Mrs. Vincent has incredible organizational skills and is very innovative.  This year she has an extra-large load of students, yet she continues to find ways to meet everyone's expectations.  This year she has really stepped out as an instructional leader and has shared ideas with peers.  We are thankful to have her on our campus!"