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Lexile & Quantile Information

The Lexile Framework for Reading

The Lexile Framework is an indispensable part of any child's reading development. Lexiles take the guesswork out of matching your child with appropriately challenging reading materials. If you know your child's Lexile measure, you can tell with a great deal of accuracy which books will encourage reading progress. The Lexile Framework is supported by many products, tools and services.

To find out more about The Lexile Framework for Reading, visit the Lexile web site at
Please Note: Lexile measures do not consider age-appropriateness, interest, and prior knowledge, which are key factors when matching children and adolescents to books they might like to read and are able to read. Teachers, librarians, or parents knowledgeable about books are invaluable to the book selection process.

The Quantile Framework for Mathematics

The Quantile Framework for Mathematics is a scientific approach to measurement that locates a student’s ability to think “mathematically” in a taxonomy of math skills, concepts, and applications. The Quantile Framework measures a student's 

mathematical achievement and concept/application solvability on the same scale, enabling educators to use Quantile measures to monitor a student’s development in math and forecast performance on end-of-year tests.
To find out more about the Quantile Framework for Mathematics, visit the Quantile web site at