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Krum Independent School District

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Campus Nurses and Counselors

Texas Education Code 28.004(k)(5) requires a district to post whether each campus has a full-time nurse or full-time school counselor. Names and contact information for each of these positions at each campus are located below.

Campus Position Name Phone Email
Krum Early Education Center Nurse Erin Quy 940-435-7706 
Krum Early Education Center Counselor Sabrina Hendrickson 940-435-7705 
Hattie Dyer Elementary Nurse Dana Craddock 940-435-7556 
Hattie Dyer Elementary Counselor Cheryl Hendrix 940-435-7555
Blanche Dodd Elementary Nurse Sally Bridges 940-435-7153 
Blanche Dodd Elementary Counselor Amy Roesler 940-435-7155 
Krum Middle School Nurse Kacie Warnasch 940-435-7606 
Krum Middle School Counselor Michelle Vanzant 940-435-7605 
Krum High School Nurse Dixie Knight 940-435-7606 
Krum High School Counselor Angela Borchardt 940-435-7299 
Krum High School  Counselor Nadalee Daves 940-435-7300