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Krum Independent School District

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E-Rate Q&A

Krum ISD

Purchasing decisions will be based on a review process matrix as follows:



Price of eligible service/product


Reputation of vendor and of vendor's service/product


Quality of vendor's service/product


Meets district needs


Past relationship with vendor


Total long term cost to the school


Ability to comply with federal program rules


No phone calls concerning this application will be accepted. Communication about this application can only be provided via e-mails at Responses received after the stated deadline will be deemed non-responsive. All vendors must comply with Texas Education Agency Guidelines. The web site for the State of Texas Purchasing rules is: Click on module 3: Purchasing.

Additional requirements:

Please consider services that are equivalent, more or less in quantity, better and/or more For all of the items/services listed in this Form 470, the following applies: Please consider services that are equivalent, more or less in quantity, better and/or more cost effective when submitting proposals.
All contracts are contingent upon funding by the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) of the Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC) unless otherwise agreed upon by district.
All pricing provided in the proposal should be in accordance with the Lowest Corresponding Price rule.

Proposers should separate the cost of eligible services/products from non-eligible services/products and clearly indicate this separation on the proposal.
Proposers must be in good standing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and does not have a red-light status. If there is a red-light status, the contract will become null and void without penalty to the applicant.
Proposers will be held responsible for complying with all E-Rate program rules. No gifts shall be offered or accepted by the applicant at any time.
All bids requiring contracts should include the option for voluntary extensions.
Site visits will be allowed during the week of January 4th and will need to be scheduled using the email address

Campus locations for Category one and two:

Krum High School: 811 East McCart, Krum, TX, 76249
Krum Middle School: 805 East McCart, Krum, TX, 76249
Blanche Dodd Elementary School, 915 East McCart, Krum, TX, 76249
Hattie Dyer Elementary School, 304 N. 3rd, Krum, TX, 76249
Krum Early Education Center, 1513 Sequoia, Krum, TX, 76249

Category one services are also located at two non-instructional facilities:
The network operating center (NOC) is located in the Krum Administration Building at 1200 Bobcat Blvd. Krum, TX, 76249
There is also the Krum Bus Barn at 815 E. McCart, Krum, TX, 76249.

Krum ISD is seeking E-Rate services for Funding Year 2020-2021. All interested vendors please see RFP at: To view the Form 470, please visit: Form 470 #: 200003547.