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December ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center

Student Mia Martinez:

“Mia is such a sweet girl and tries her best every day. She has been working so hard to master all of the letters and has shown so much growth! We are so proud of all of her hard work! “

Student Emma Paddack:

“Emma is an amazing student and classmate! She has a caring heart and always tries to do her very best! Emma is willing to lend a hand to anyone in need, including her teacher :) She always pushes herself to do better! I am proud to nominate Emma Paddack for this award!”


Support Staff Wendy NIno:

“Wendy is always so kind spirited, she is always ready to help out when needed. Even though she just joined us at the EEC, she is already an amazing colleague and friend. I am so thankful to have her!”

Educator Meagan Martin:

“When I contacted Mrs Martin about additional resources to assist with my child's reading, she really went above and beyond to investigate and provide guidance. She's an outstanding educator and we are so lucky to have her at KISD!”

Hattie Dyer Elementary


“Emmanuel is the ideal student. He's kind, helpful, works really hard, and is perfectly behaved and respectful. He also asks really thoughtful questions that show he's really paying attention. I love having him in class.”

“Emmanuel is a hard worker who is compassionate of others. He strives to do his best in the classroom, as well as out of the classroom. His teachers are so proud of his great attitude and growth mindset of learning new things each day.”

Student Leddy Bannahan:

“Leddy is ROCKING fourth grade. She has shown so much growth academically and is stepping up as a leader in class. She is kind to others and is always looking for a way to do and be better. We LOVE Leddy and are so proud of her!!!”

Support Staff Brandi Jones

“Brandi has been such a gift to our campus, and specifically our cafeteria since the retirement of our previous cafeteria manager!  She's positive, cares about our students deeply, and is such a team player!  We love this ray of sunshine, and so do our students!”

Educator Ashley Thorpe:

“She was the best teacher a kid could ask for. she was so nice, and funny (and she took care of the business).”

Blanche Dodd Elementary

Student David Retiz Guevara:

“David is a super sweet and caring second grader… He gives his all in everything he is working on and is not afraid to ask very thoughtful questions. He is that student that every teacher loves to have in their class knowing he is always going to be giving his best!”

Student Clara Koesler:

“I nominate Clara Koesler. She comes to my room and gives her all to do her best. She wears a smile and is a sweetheart. I appreciate how she always shows respect and a zest for learning.”

Support Staff Meg Hunter:

“Mrs. Hunter always has such a positive attitude every time I see her! When I drop my students off at the library, she always greets us with a big smile! Students LOVE her!”

Educator Hannah Bruder:

“Ms. Bruder is such a fun and positive light for her students. My child says her classroom is so calming and feels like home. That is such a good compliment to hear when your child spends most of their day there. She goes out of her way to communicate with the parents on issues. I know there are many talented kids in her class who can attest to her creative and supportive nature. My child also can't wait to go back to see her every week”. 

Krum Middle School

Student Jason Lombardi:

“Jason is an amazing student who demonstrates outstanding effort and responsibility every single day. He's kind and helpful to everyone around him! He sets such a wonderful example for his peers.”

Student Kamila Hernandez:

“I am nominating Kamila because she is a very hard-working and respectful student, she also is an amazing artist she tries her best with anything she does whether it's on the sidelines or on the court she tries her best no matter what.”

Support Staff Morgan Moore:

“Morgan Moore has been a wonderful addition to the front office team at KMS. She is always willing to jump right in to whatever needs to be done. She lifts the staff and students up with her encouraging words, hugs, and beautiful smile. We are truly blessed to have her as a valuable member of the staff here at KMS.”

Educator Paul Smith:

“My son is a student of his and he was aware that his mom (me) would be having surgery. He personally came to our house to let us know we would have dinner arrive the next night!  What teacher does that?!! A teacher that truly loves his students and goes above and beyond to get to know them! It seriously touched our family!!!!  This teacher gets to know the students on a personal level. He is not only invested in the child's education but their overall well-being. He truly loves his students and treats them as if they are his own children. He can still be stern with them and not have to be buddies with them but also truly cares about them and that is where the respect from the student is also earned to in turn care for the teacher.”                        

Krum High School

Student: Dalton Newcomb- 

“Dalton Newcomb is a Leader of leaders - he empowers, leads by example, holds himself and others accountable. He is dedicated to perfecting his talent musically and educationally, and he is always eager to learn. His influence in both band and choir is one of the reasons our programs are strong. He is the epitome of excellence. His well deserved position in the All-State Band, is a small reward for his years of dedication to his musical craft.”

Student: Leah Konohia-Taito

“Leah has been such a pleasant addition to Krum High School.  She moved into the district last year.  She is now a junior and a member of the Lady Cat Softball team.  Leah is a fierce competitor on the field, but is one of the kindest students in the building.  She is a person who is known as an encourager and supporter.  Leah's friends state,’You are always the nicest person and you find a way to make my day better.  Leah doesn't judge you for who you are and what you do.   She takes you the way you come and you don't have to worry.’”  

Support Staff: Mrs. Cheryl Eager-

“Mrs. Eager is our District Librarian and does a great job in keeping our students interested in reading by continually updating our book selections.  This year, Mrs Eager has gone above and beyond.  Her willingness to help with dual credit classes has made our master schedule work much better this year.  Also, Mrs. Eager is an accomplished author.  Her book, ”A Kiss to Wake Me” has recently made it to the top of the "Young Adult Romances" best selling list.”

Educator: Coach Michael Colley-

“Coach Colley is new to KHS this year and has been a great addition.  He has jumped into teaching three Social Studies subjects with two of them being at the AP level.  He does a great job in relating with his students.  It is not unusual to see Coach Colley eating lunch in the cafeteria with some of his students.  He is also a fixture in the halls, greeting everyone that walks by with a fist bump.  Coach Colley is supportive and willing to help everyone.”  


Support Staff Shanna Orsi

“She has been super helpful and understanding.”