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Krum Independent School District

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January ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center

Student Jackson Nguyen

“Jackson comes to school every day with a huge smile on his face! He greets each teacher and all of his classmates with a "good morning" on his way to class. He loves learning and has already made so much progress this year! He works very hard and is dedicated to his school work! He cares about others and is always willing to lend a helping hand. His enthusiasm for learning and school is contagious and he is truly a joy to be around!”

Student Paisley Anderson

“Paisley is a leader. She has a good heart to other students and treats them how she would like to be treated.She loves to go to school everyday and shows her character as a Bobcat each and every day!”

Support Staff Kim Smith

“Kim keeps our campus running. She knows all the kids and remembers everything. She greets the kids each morning! She answers parents' questions and is always there to help. She supports our admin and office staff and does whatever might be needed. She is an asset to our campus.”

Educator Natasha Kirkland

“Natasha was so sweet today at early dismissal due to the ice. She came to help kinder parent pick up when pre-k was done. Just thought that was so kind and selfless! She was outside loading kids in cars with us!”

Hattie Dyer Elementary

Student Joel Beltran

“Joel is not only a great student, he is a wonderful person. He works hard everyday to be his best self. He is there to help others when he sees someone in need. He sets a great example for others to follow everyday. If the world had more people like Joel it would be a brighter, more positive world.”

Student Amalia Rangel

“Amalia is super responsible and loves to help her teachers and peers! Always trys her absolute best to get her work completed and turned in on time! She is great and very hard working when it comes to her NEHS and GT classes!”

Support Staff Caryl Haddock

“Mrs. Haddock has been an incredibly dedicated long-term substitute for a couple of our teachers this year.  She is such a hard worker, is always looking for ways to help, spreads her positive energy all over this school, and has become a wonderful part of our team! “

Educator Katie Johnson

“Our family is so thankful Mrs. Johnson joined Krum ISD this school year. She has done so much for our daughter, helping her grow academically, socially, and emotionally. She is an amazing teacher and role model!”

Blanche Dodd Elementary

Student Gunner Harris

“He has taken constructive criticism and has made vast improvements. He takes the reminders from his amazing group of teachers and parents and tries to execute any advice/direction.”

Student Antonia Flores

“Antonia is a very sweet and loving friend, and always gives me a smile when I see her in the hallway. She cares for everyone and is never willing to give up, even when things get hard. She's the best.”

Support Staff Jamie Goff

“Mrs. Goff is an amazing team player.  She is a go-to person on our campus for class coverage and for special projects.  She took over a 3rd-grade classroom during the first semester while the teacher was out on maternity leave.  She made the classroom her own, and before leaving, wrote each student a personal note about their strengths.  She works well with her colleagues and makes positive relationships with students.  She is an asset to our campus!”

Educator Mary Dorsey

“Mrs. Dorsey is one of a kind and it’s apparent that she loves teaching and her students - past, present, and future. She has an approach to teaching that helps her students understand not only how to do what they are doing but why. She gets down on the kids’ level and they know without a doubt that they can come to her for help, guidance, kindness, a hug, and even correction and accountability. She genuinely cares about her students and they know it!”

Krum Middle School

Student Connor Callaway

“Connor is very hardworking and dedicated to giving his best work on all assignments. He has been helpful in his science class during a time of change. Connor has great thoughts and ideas to add to lessons while staying focused on the goal of learning. He is respectful to all and helpful to those that need it.”

Student Yulianna Cabrera

“Yulianna is a great student. She is really nice and gets along with everybody. She always says "please and thank you". She always gives people a big hug. Every day she greets everybody with a big smile. She helps clean up the classroom. She is always doing the right thing. She always uses her manners. She takes care of her environment.   Yulianna is an outstanding student and always does her work on time. She is always super kind to the staff and her peers, even when she has an off day. I have her in a couple of classes and she is always well-behaved and never makes a fuss in class. She also does office aid, which shows that she is also responsible. In general, she is a great student and i really do think that she deserves an ES3 award.”

Support Staff Michelle Vanzant

“Mrs. Vanzant goes above and beyond to make every student and staff member feel loved, cared for, and important.”

Educator Amie Adams

“Mrs. Adams does an excellent job ensuring that her students are growing academically and personally. She excels at using data to assist students, teachers, and administrators. Mrs. Adams has also shown excellent leadership skills as the Special Education department lead teacher.”

Krum High School

Student Avery Rzucidlo

“Ace has made huge strides during his time at Krum High School. His growth and maturity have been remarkable. Ace is a champion for the underdog. He is focused on his academics and works hard in each of his classes. Ace wants to make Krum High School a better place. Earlier in the year, Ace requested to help with Pep Rallies to boost school spirit. He has also sought opportunities to grow in his leadership skills. I encourage you to get to know Ace. You will find an outstanding young man with a plan to do good in this world.”

Student Blessing Martinez

“She always has a cheerful attitude in everything she does. She might be involved in more activities than any other student in the school and she excels in each of them. Band, Choir, Jazz Band, Volleyball, Basketball, and several clubs such as the NBA. She is an ambassador of excellence to all of our new students. There is no doubt that you will get Blessing's very best in everything she does.”

Support Staff: Angela Borchardt and Nadalee Daves

“Angela Borchardt and Nadalee Daves are our two outstanding counselors at Krum High School.  They make a great team in helping students in crisis.  Our students feel comfortable in talking with them and seeking needed guidance.  January and February are extremely busy times for the counselors of any high school.  However, this year's situation placed even more pressure on the counselors to wear additional hats under a very tight timeline.  They made it all work and we are proud of them.”