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November ES3 Awards

Krum Early Education Center

Student Zane Winslow

“Zane has grown so much this year! He is truly an amazing student who loves to learn! I love how his eyes light up when he explains things to me. Zane is kind to other students and always willing to lend a helping hand. I am so proud to nominate Zane for student of the month!!”

Student Xiomara Rangel

“Xiomara is respectful and follows directions graciously she is a great student and friend! She has been working hard on her reading and preparing for 2nd grade!”

Support Staff Tamra Cardenas

“Mrs. Cardenas is such a loving teacher. She sees the best in each student, and it is evident that she is passionate about helping the students learn and grow. I am so thankful for the pictures she takes and shares so that parents can see all the fun that his happening in the classroom. My child talks about her all the time, and it is apparent that Mrs. Cardenas has a huge heart for the students in her classroom!”

Educator Ruth Morrison

“Ruth Morrison is light for those who meet her. She is a wonderful, patient educator who is brilliant with her Pre- K students. Ruth is one of the most thoughtful human beings and is such a beam of energy. The EEC is extremely lucky to have her!!”

Hattie Dyer Elementary

Student Brantley Brown

“Brantley is a sweet, creative, and bright student. He is a deep thinker and a great help in the classroom. He is constantly complimenting his teachers, and his smile is contagious. I want Brantley to know he is a valuable part of our classroom family.”

Student Addison Carrube

"Addie is helpful to all of her friends and teachers, excels both athletically and academically, and is just overall a ray of sunshine to be around!"

Support Staff Maggie Rodriguez

“Maggie Rodriguez is such a gift to Dyer!  She builds amazing relationships with our students and staff, has a calm spirit, and is even working to become a certified teacher!  We are so blessed to have Maggie here!”

Educator Kim Reed

“Mrs. Reed is an amazing teacher! From the first time my family entered her classroom and every encounter I have ever had with her, she has been so kind! She knew about my son before we met her at Meet the Teacher Night and the fact that she knew who he was when he walked in was very impressive and meant a lot to both him and I! She has gone out of her way to provide excellent communication with me, attends her students' games, and helped us pick out books that were on his level for reading! She is just a major blessing to my family in and out of the classroom!”

Blanche Dodd Elementary

Student Gustavo Olmos-Alanis

“Gustavo loves to help his friends and classmates. He cleans up the classroom and hands things to his classmates who are not able to pick them up themselves. He is quick to follow directions and loves being a helper.”

Student Elizabeth Flores

“Elizabeth shows up ready to learn every day. She takes pride in her work, and always tries her best. Elizabeth is always quick to volunteer to help any and all classmates. Elizabeth is extremely responsible, and always respectful.”

“Elizabeth is a GREAT friend and is always ready to help someone in need. She makes everyone laugh and I am very grateful for her.”

Support Staff Kathy Leonard

“Besides the many extra steps that have been added to her job duties on the program, Kathy continuously is getting more duties to help others. She never backs down from the mountain. She helps whenever possible and definitely bakes the best cookies EVER made! Even when she is stressed to the max, she makes the staff laugh and is always the first to give support when needed. #1 keeper of the awful copy machine (aka Bob Marley) which helps all staff get their student learning supplies coming! Dodd would be lost without her!”

Educator Jonathan Boyer

“Mr. Boyer is always willing to help whenever and wherever is needed. He always has a positive attitude, and a gentle spirit. Students love working with him!”

Krum Middle School

Student Brady Thomas

“Brady works hard every day! He always has the best attitude and excellent grades! He has gotten 1st chair French Horn twice in a row! He always is ready to lend a helping hand in the classroom!”

Student Shaylee Kilough

“Shaylee is an excellent student. She is also a new member of the Student Storytellers club and she has been killing it! She shows initiative in creating projects before they are even asked for, and has a great eye for design. She has a very bright future ahead of her!”

Support Staff Martha Restrpo

“Mrs. Restrepo Rojas works hard helping KMS students, staff, and families by providing translation services and both academic and behavior support. Her translation services are often needed at a moments notice and her schedule can change often based on student need.  Mrs, Restrepo Rojas adjusts to these changes with a cheerful attitude and a genuine desire to help wherever needed.”

Educator Kristin Thomas

“She is great at teaching math and has a great personality. Mrs.Thomas has worked hard every day to ensure we are learning even when there are distractions happening around us. I have chosen her because of the way she cares for her students and the hard work she has put in for us to learn and grow our life skills.”

“Mrs. Thomas is the best teacher… She explains math in a fun way Then she is very respectful.”

“She is a respectful, kind, and fun teacher. She always has a smile on her face!”

“Ms.Thomas is an AMAZING teacher with a heart of GOLD. She gets her point across in a fun, interactive way. Her teaching methods make ME want to maybe become a teacher when I am older.”                       

Krum High School

Student Trevor Vincent

“Trevor is a great student at KHS.  He works hard in his classes and is a great friend.  Trevor is almost always in a good mood and that makes going to school fun.”

Student Tegan Braley

“Tegan is such a positive person and makes the school environment feel so much more fun.  She helps all her peers and is kind to everyone!  She is a talented musician and works hard in everything she does.”

Support Staff Juana Zumalacarregui

“Ms. Juana takes care of us at KHS.  She leads our custodial team and is always there when we need her.  Our school looks amazing because of her attention to detail.  Thank you for your commitment to excellence in maintaining our building.”

Educator Mary Ford

“Mrs. Ford makes learning fun.  She provides lessons with lots of engagement that makes her class interesting.  She is very understanding, polite, and is easy to talk with.  I like how she has reasonable and good roles. I love being in her class.”


Support Staff Dale Doyal

“When I began working for Krum ISD Dale was the mechanic. He tried to stay on top of all bus issues in fact having to drive replacement buses to myself or other drivers back then. He warms the buses when temperatures are too cold for all the drivers in the early morning before our routes even to this day… He is a supervisor that has empathy but will talk facts to each of us. When my mother passed away earlier this year…he called while I was with her before, during and after her illness to check if I needed anything. I will never forget [him] for that. He is a good leader to our team by helping out with whatever we may need. He [is one of] the best of the best leaders and supervisors in my lifetime of working to work with because they make our team members each feel like family instead of just employees.”