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Krum Independent School District

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October ES3 Award Winners

Krum Early Education Center

Student Felix Malagon-Servin

“Felix is a kind, hard-working student. He always goes above and beyond to meet expectations. It does not matter what he is asked to do, whether it is doing his work or helping a friend he will do it with the best attitude and a smile on his face.”

Student: Kendall Mohammadi

“Kendall Mo is such a sweetheart. She is so kind and caring towards her classmates. If she sees a classmate struggling she is very quick to offer a helping hand without even being asked. She is a role model student and we are so lucky to have her at the EEC. She always gives 110% and is very dedicated to her schoolwork. She is eager and excited to learn new things and I can always count on Kendall to be doing the right thing!”

Support Staff Maria Pena

“Maria is the sweetest, kindest person I have ever had the privilege of being around. She is more than a para to me, she helps keep our room, and me together. She has great ideas, and is willing to put up with my craziness.”

Educator Mandy Martinez

“Mrs. Martinez continues to go above and beyond for all of her students and loves them as her own. There is not a day that she doesn’t have a smile on her face. She is beyond patient and does a fantastic job communicating with parents. I have never felt more confident in my child’s education knowing that Mrs. Martinez is her teacher.”

“Mrs. Martinez is the best teacher! She is wonderful and caring to all of her students. I am thankful my daughter has her for a teacher.”

Hattie Dyer Elementary

Student Stephen Wear

“Stephen has been a joy to have in class. He is kind, easy-going, well-behaved, and always gives his best.”

Student Addison Moore

“Addison is a hard worker in class and a great leader to her fellow classmates. Addie always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She is such a delight to have in fourth grade this year!”

Support Staff Aly Callaway

“Aly is such a TREASURE! She is a team player who is always willing to help out anywhere and everywhere. Aly has a positive attitude and it shines a bright light wherever she goes! We are SO lucky to have her on our campus!!”

Educator Heather Bell

“Heather has such a positive attitude and is always spreading joy around our campus. The students love going to PE to see Coach Bell. Heather always has fun and purposeful activities that the students really enjoy.”

Blanche Dodd Elementary

Student Logan Buchanan

“Logan is always eager to help his friends.  He is a hard worker and a sweet student!”

Student Autumn Smith

“Autumn is always smiling and helping her friends when they need help.  She's really nice inside the school and outside the school.  This is why I think Autumn Smith should be the ES3 award winner.”

Support Staff Hailey Smallwood

“Hailey is so awesome with her students and co-workers she truly cares for everyone and is a great listener we are so grateful for all that she does!”

Educator Stephanie McNeely

“She has helped my son jump several reading levels is just a few weeks. She is also able to help him focus and be productive, which has always been a challenge in the past for him. Wish she could be his teacher forever!”

Krum Middle School

Student Jesse McCain

“Jesse is a sweet, honest, loving, helpful friend!He is always being considerate of everyone around him. Family and friends come first! He is also very much involved in school being in NJHS, having excellent grades and behavior! I would like to nominate him as a great loving helpful friend. Always putting others first before himself.”

Student Riley Tripp

“Riley is a great leader in class! She's punctual, supportive, and very bright. Often times students need assistance in class and she's the first one to lend a helping hand. Her hard work and attention to detail put forth in my class never goes unnoticed. Not only in class, but Riley is also a great leader in band! She's first chair clarinet and is super talented!! I love how Riley is able to juggle both school and extra-curricular activities with grace and optimism.”

Support Staff Charmaine Kaumeyer

“Mrs. Kaumeyer continues to remain both a student and staff favorite on our KMS campus. The students enjoy her humor and respond to her continual investment in their lives - with many regularly seeking her out to share news or pick up a word of encouragement. The staff appreciates her willingness to step in and step up wherever there is a need. As a lifelong learner herself, Mrs. Kaumeyer is a tremendous asset to our campus. She is an inspiration to students and staff alike and we are thankful to have her as part of our KMS family.”

Educator Tricia Banks

“Mrs. Banks has a servant's heart. She is mentoring new teachers and working hard as a team lead to ensure her team has everything they need. She stays late and comes in early to serve others and creates an environment where success can flourish. Mrs. Banks is a great team member and emulates the quality expected of a Krum Bobcat!”

Krum High School

Student Caleb Carlson

“Caleb is a senior and the number one tennis player on the tennis team.  He has actively volunteered for service to our school in several ways.  He was one of the interviewers at our homecoming dance as well as announcing the homecoming court ceremony.  Caleb has been involved in the spirit days and wants to make his school better for others.  He represents our school with excellence.”

Student Kennedy Neal

“Kennedy has taken on the leadership role of the KHS NBA (No Body Alone).  She has been a champion of all new students and has worked very hard to get all of our new students involved in school activities and organizations.  Kennedy has also led the student-generated "Bobcat Pride" cards where students give shoutouts to their teachers.  Kennedy's energy and enthusiasm is a boost for us all.”

Support Staff Amanda Travis

“Mrs. Travis has returned to KHS after a brief time in another career.  She is always willing to help her students and works well with the classroom teachers.  She is supportive of her students and is always has a friendly face.”

Educator Jacy Bush

“Mrs. Bush has moved into a new teaching role at KHS.  She moved from teaching Theatre to Art and has already made a big impact on our school.  She has volunteered to work with the NBA (No Body Alone) and her art students have decorated the halls with some great work during Halloween.  Students trust Mrs. Bush and really appreciate her willingness to help them.”


Support Staff: Stacey Craddock

“Stacey is helpful and looks out for others. He noticed a flat tire on one of our employee's vehicles. He contacted us to find out who the car belonged to and offered to help air up the tire before the employee left for the day. His helpful, caring attitude is a great example of our "family atmosphere" in Krum ISD!”