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Krum Independent School District

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September ES3 Winners

Krum Early Education Center

EEC Student Caleb Slane:

“Caleb is such a hard-working student. He always tries his very best and never gives up! He is willing to take a risk and try new things. In addition, he is so kind and caring to all of his classmates. He loves to lend a helping hand. He comes to school every day eager and excited to learn! His love for school is absolutely contagious! He is a role model student.”

EEC Student Everly Warnasch:

“Everly is such a positive role model for all of her peers. She has a kind and loving heart. She is a great listener and always respectful. She is someone that her peers look up to and you can often find her helping classmates once she completes her work. She is such a joy to be around and brings happiness to everyone around her.”

EEC Support Staff Rosie Zepeda:

“She is always so happy and helpful with her kids she is a hard worker and always willing to help! Very dependable.”

EEC Educator Jennifer Dunn:

“Coming to a new campus is hard, and Jennifer jumped right in! She is so good with the kids and she fits right in here! She is someone who will do anything for a student. She has done an amazing job and we are so glad to have her here!”

Hattie Dyer Elementary

Dyer Student Zhaidin Johnson:

“Zhai is a football player, participates in the piano club, and will participate in the running club that starts at the end of the month. Zhai is working hard and doing great with the completion of his homework…Zhai has told me several times how he really enjoys school and can't wait to go back.” 

Dyer Student Sophia Castillo:

“Sophia has gone above and beyond to be helpful and respectful in her classroom. She has made the Dyer Safety Patrol and has a set a goal to have perfect attendance for the year.”

“Very friendly and polite, and willing to always help out.”

Dyer Support Staff Wanda Cloud:

“Wanda plays such a critical role in our campus functioning well!  She is funny, friendly, hard-working, and cares about details (big and small)...we love our Mrs. Wanda at Dyer.  Our school would not be the same without her!”

Dyer Educator Rebecca Haire:

“She has been such a GREAT teacher for my 2nd grader so far this year!”

Blanche Dodd Elementary

Dodd Student Steven Hasley:

“Steven is such a joy to be around and brings a smile to everyone's faces. He is the definition of the life of the party! He helps his friends and teachers when needed and is eager to learn”.

“Steven is friendly and works so hard at school. He's enthusiastic and a good friend.”

Dodd Student Mackenzie Rains:

“Mackenzie is always so positive and happy to be at school. She is a leader amongst her peers and has grown so much since I met her. She made my first year of teaching so enjoyable, I am beyond proud of her! She also wants to be a teacher when she grows up, and I know she will be great at it!”

Dodd Support Staff Leti Espinoza:

“Leti has stepped into a newly created position with grace and flexibility. She supports the ELL students, SPED students, and anywhere else she is needed without hesitation.”

Dodd Educator Misty Dobson:

“Misty came into a typically difficult classroom and completely turned it around. She has provided stability, support, and grace to her students in a hectic time.”

“Mrs. Dobson has a passion for education and her students that is apparent in every aspect of her day. She genuinely cares about the well-being of her students and co-workers and is encouraging to everyone she comes in contact with.”

Krum Middle School

KMS Student Aiden Dobson:

“Aiden is a wonderful student! He always comes to class prepared, and I can always rely on him to answer questions throughout class.”

KMS Student Mia Sanchez:

“Mia Sanchez jumps in and works incredibly hard while supporting her team with lots of encouragement. She is an avid listener and role model. She embodies the definition of a leader.”

KMS Support Staff Randie Newton:

“Ms. Newton always supporting students at every grade level and is the best fan at any sporting event. Just don't sit close to her at a football game she is very loud.”

KMS Educator Elizabeth Anderson:

“Mrs.Anderson is a funny, respectful teacher. I love to start the morning with her.”

“My daughter who is a 6th grade student wanted to nominate Mrs. Anderson. She says that she is a good teacher who always helps her students and cares about them and helps them feel good about themselves!”

Krum High School

KHS Student Kaden Heckler:

“Kaden is having an outstanding year at KHS.  This year, he has almost perfect attendance and is doing well in all of his courses.  It is great to see him making such a positive change and be so successful.  Well done, Kaden!”

KHS Student Jentry Shields:

“Jentry is an outstanding student and person. Jentry is always smiling and kind to her classmates and teachers. She comes into class every day with a positive attitude, ready to learn. Jentry has offered help to her classmates on numerous occasions when she finishes her work early to make sure her peers are successful too. I ask her to help me with many different tasks, and she never complains, and always does so with a smile. Jentry is a great role model and continuously leads by example.”

KHS Support Staff Geovana Morales:

“Mrs. Morales is always a cheerful face in the halls and classrooms of KHS.  There are many times in which she is asked to change duties to help others out.  She is a great team player for the rest of the staff at KHS.”

KHS Educator Katie Paul:

“Mrs. Paul is a phenomenal teacher that puts in so much time and effort into her students and her classes. She has done so much this month to create crime scene scenarios for her students to participate in, and she has spent countless hours before and after school to get everything prepared for her students. She sets high professional standards for her students as they get to experience real-world scenarios. Mrs. Paul cares deeply for her students, and she shows the same kindness to her fellow staff, continuously offering help and guidance. Additionally, she has taken initiative on running stadium clean-up and is working behind the scenes on multiple opportunities for the KHS student body. She is a rockstar!”

“This is Mrs. Paul's first year teaching in Krum ISD and she is knocking it out of the park! Not only are her forensics classes engaging and chalk full of quality learning, she has taken on the responsibility of the lead Junior Class Sponsor which includes planning prom, and the fundraising for prom. She does it all with a smile on her face!”


District Support Staff: Terry Rahn

“Terry Rahn continues to provide valuable support for staff across the district all while keeping students at the forefront of her service mindset.  She has been instrumental in evaluating special programs for Krum ISD for an important audit required by TEA. 

Terry is appreciated for her diligence, approachable nature, and helpfulness”