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Krum Independent School District

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Board Administration Goals

The Board-Administration Team Goals are as follows:

  1. The Board will support the administration and staff in achieving academic excellence.
  2. The District will recruit, train, and retain highly qualified staff, foster a positive work environment, and recognize the role of the staff as the District’s ambassadors to the community.
  3. The staff and administration will improve the utilization and integration of state-of-the-art technology into the curriculum.
  4. The Board and administration will plan and provide facilities and resources for a rapidly growing and diverse student population.
  5. The District will improve communication with parents and community members and provide them with opportunities for positive involvement at all levels.
  6. The District will maintain financial stability.
  7. Student achievement will improve for all students by ensuring the alignment of written, taught, and tested curriculum.
  8. The Board, administration, and staff will foster a desire in all students to continue and further their education following graduation.
  9. The Board will create a system to continuously analyze the success in meeting our goals.