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Krum Independent School District

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The Krum ISD Behavior Assessment Team is a threat assessment and safe and supportive school team set up in accordance with Texas Education Code (TEC) 37.115.  

This team is made up of individuals who have expertise in counseling, behavior management, mental health, special education, school administration, and school safety.  Every member of the team receives additional training from the Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC) in the area of threat assessment.

MISSION:  The Behavior Assessment Program’s mission is to provide a safe and supportive team approach that will promote school safety for students, staff, and visitors.   

PURPOSE:  The team’s purpose is to complete an assessment of any individual in the school district that make threats of violence or exhibit harmful, threatening, or violent behavior against themselves or others  in accordance with the policies and procedures adopted by the school district. 

 The 2023-2024 Krum ISD Behavior Assessment Team

Terry Rahn                Director of Special Programs      (940) 435-7117

Tristan Hawkins       Assistant Principal KHS               (940) 435-7292

Reina Johnson         Assistant Principal KHS               (940) 435-7293

Angela Borchardt   Counselor Krum HS                     (940) 435-7299

Amie Adams            Assistant Principal KMS               (940) 435-7616

Melanie Vasquez    Assistant Principal KMS               (940) 435-7603

Michelle Vanzant     Counselor Krum MS                    (940) 435-7605

Lisa Mayfield           Assistant Principal Dodd Elem.   (940) 435-7152

Macy Faught           Assistant Principal Dyer Elem.    (940) 435-7552

Vikki Chandler        School District Police Officer       (940) 435-7359

Toby Sims                School District Police Officer       (940) 435-7660

ANYONE who has concerns about the safety of an individual in the Krum ISD school district can contact the district directly at (940 482-6000) or any member of the team.  You can stay anonymous and feel free to use Anonymous Alerts Incident Management System.

*If you have any questions about the program feel free to reach out to anyone of the team members.